6 Billion Dead by 2030 transcript

So there’s a couple of things we need to get out of the way here.

The collapse that has been initiated is now irreversible – the word is irreversible.

There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. Now, it can be 10 or 20 times worse if they get what they’re actually looking for. And we’re talking 6 billion plus dead by 2030. That’s the official plan.

I told you two plus years ago, they would start environmental lock downs, once you were trained to live under the viral lockdown and now, India and Italy have announced lock downs, rationing, electricity only certain times of day to “save the earth”. And because “the resources have been caught off from COVID”, which wasn’t COVID – it was the globalists using that as the pretext to destroy the global infrastructure.

The globalists were a corporate system that took control of the international order, and of the global order and of the idea of community of man and in humanity working together to put their grid into everything, so that they could take the bridge down and now they’re all over every media outlet, you can imagine, saying that the earth’s carrying capacity has been reached, and that billions are going to starve to death in the next few years.

And that you’re going to live in a highly surveilled ration system, where your smartphone tells you where you can go, what you can do and what you’re allowed to buy and sell. And as the resources dwindle, a lot of people will get on board the authoritarianism, saying, just do what they say and they’ll stabilize the planet. But of course, the more you submit, the worse it’s going to get. And that’s why you see martial law drills in Canada and in blue cities in the US and in China, and all over Europe and everywhere.

This is the globally directed beta test that has now ended.

Censorship is just the beginning so they can carry this out.

Then there is the debanking, there is the persecution and there’s the arrests and enslavement and execution of anyone opposing this planetary takeover.

It should be very easy to defeat. If we’re able to model it, break it down, chronicle it and then get leaders who are compartmentalized to wake up. It could have been stopped.

But now the collapse is unfolding. And so now it’s even more desperate that we warn everybody, so they understand that those initiating the collapse and admitting they’re doing it and their white papers are now the ones that are going to preside over the crisis and pose as the saviour and just put out the cover story to the dumbed down public – very simplistic public to the one dimensional public.

Oh, there’s deadly viruses because the global warming oh, let’s collapse the food chain because of global warming. We’ve got to do all this because of your bad humans are bad. And then they have been organized, collapsed the population and total transhumanist takeover of whoever’s left at the end of that. Beyond this topic system that they have initiated.

This is a coming out of evil.

This is hundreds of years of preparation and waiting and training and been building their networks while they were rich and powerful presiding over humanity. And now that we’re entering the genesis of our next level super technology, life extension secrets the universe.

They want to dumb everybody down further, kill everybody so that the general public has not had access to this because they know time and time again, out of the mass of the public, which on average is simple and dumbed down. Super geniuses come out of those groups that innovate and always overthrow the previous elites.

Then they become decadent generationally. And the cycle continues. The globalists call this and Obama talks about it, the end of history, where there’s a corporate total control over biological reproduction, over your mind surveilling everything you do, so that the human system as we know it is ended.

Because the Carnegie Endowment that runs the CIA today, at the end of World War One with the League of Nations was given the charter to end war and the answer was end men and women, end the family, end all of human competition and create a corporate, medical biomedical tyranny over the public where humans are produced that are even allowed to live that are not purely human, but are chimirik species corporately owned, and you see that of course in “Brave New World” published in 1931: the brother of Huxley, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s brother goes on to create the UN, run the UN for two decades. Create the transhumanist movement launched the Tavistock Institute, the transgender system all of it and this is it.

But if we expose the globalist agenda, then they’re not going to get away with their final goal of using this collapse to totally depopulate and enslave us forever. It will be their Waterloo, and a new awakening and Renaissance. We must fight this.

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