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You will find this video very interesting.

Original video link is below

Updated 23 August 2021

I have left the original video link above. Why is the video no longer available?

Unfortunately, Paul Bovolos passed away in 2017, below are his funeral details. I initially thought it may have been tyrannical Screwtube at it again re deleting videos, so I stand corrected in my thoughts (this time anyway). I suspect his family may have closed his youtube account upon his death.

However, I originally did a screencast of the video (a very poor copy, especially by the standards I can do today, one I had to clean up a lot of background noise – unfortunately I couldn’t get rid of the Harley). I had it transcribed this time around.

This video awakened me to the truth and revisiting it over the last week has me amazed, on how everything that is happening today ties back to this one event. Well two actually. I will link all this together.

Justin Trudeau is also a Tyrant and from what he is doing to Canada right now, he has called an early election because he believes he will not get in again if he waits any longer. Well except for election fraud I reckon if 100% of the Country voted for that Tyrant he may struggle. You may pick up why I mentioned Trudeau from the video.

A summary looking back – Monckton knows his stuff.

Cause of death unknown. Paul seemed fairly young and to die 2 years after this video. I am researching the cause because these people who speak out get suicided and unexplainable strange deaths happen a lot…..

Update 6 November 2023

I have found more information about Paul’s death, with an interesting unverified comment screen captured below this fakebook page/event.

Visit video and transcript page at this link or view it below:

In fact Monckton confirms everything I have written in my book which is an overview of why things are happening in the world right now, and helps you to read between the lines.

Monkcktons interview also helps you understand what is really going on with the current political environment in Australia, and I will also explain in more detail about what is really happening right now.

I have written two relevant points in my book How The World Really Works that ties in perfectly what is said in this video, which is yet another piece to the puzzle.

  1. The Illuminati are funding ISIS in order to control all the worlds money
  2. The IRAQ war was started in order to take control of the world’s oil supplies, but it is not being done in the way you think. The Bush administration was a member of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati’ long term plans is to destroy the Western World Economy and give the power to the BRICS Nations, thereby rendering the USA powerless. This is being done to make money.

Turnbull is a member of the Illuminati too. He supports Islam and he has publicly stated that he believes in a One World Government. Anyone who says this is a member of this terrible group.

The way to control Nations is with debt, and they will achieve this control with the signing of a Treaty in Paris this December 2015. This deed will turn our sovereignty over to the UN. The Global Warming scam will create much debt and control over all Nations who sign it.

What are they planning? The Illuminati will eventually start the global revolution with falsehoods (just like they started the French Revolution), which will finish off the Western World Economy with New York’s destruction from a Nuclear Bomb (unknown who will do this terrible deed – most likely an ISIS member).

Anyway, watch the video and read my book, it will all make sense.

I also found the one hour documentary on Channel Nine about the Paris terrorist attacks to be total crap. The journalists do not have a full understanding of this matter. There is only one way to stop the terrorist attacks, and that is to take ISIS seriously and treat them like we are at WAR with them – which is exactly what the Illuminati want us to do.

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