I have a question for you. At first it was Agenda 21. Then Agenda 2030. Now Agenda 2045. Any idea why they keep extending the time?

Of course, smart people already know why.

David Ashton

We’ve now uploaded our entire UN100 series as one video. If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the perfect time to watch it in sequence:

Maria Zeee takes us through a world-first exposé on UN100, Agenda 2045 and what the globalists are referring to as “The Age of Global Enlightenment” – a known Luciferian term. Maria introduces the vision driven by the UN to lock the whole world into a transhumanist nightmare coined the “AI World Society,” referring to them as “digital citizens” and introducing a “Social Contract” that determines the rules of how people are to live their lives in line with the UN’s SDG’s, except with AI at the helm in what can only be described as the AI Apocalypse, utilising the WBAN to enslave humanity.

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