First Published 28 April 2020.

Does that headline seem a bit woah, did he really just write that?

Well yes I did and thanks to the Dan Bongino Show, this story is unbelievable.

The link to the story mentioned by Dan in his podcast is right at the bottom. However, I don’t believe the story will be around for long. The powers that be will force the truth underground and “wash it”. View the full podcast by visiting his website above and make sure you sign up for his podcasts. They are never boring and always seek the truth and did I mention they are free?

Never fear I am hear so I have saved the story as a pdf just in case when you click on the link in the future, and it ain’t there.

Added 28 May 2020. You will not believe this video.

Added 29 May 2020. I can’t believe how stupid Cuomo is. He has just put a noose around his neck so to speak. 2 videos added.

Cuomo is cooking the numbers to save his arse.

Update added 12 March 2021

Check out this story developing today, click the image.

Update: Added 4 August 2021

Here is the pdf version of the following webpage

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