As I posted today on Facebook, I have closed all my CIA owned and operated social media accounts and I will never return.

I am leading by example, why did I do this?

Once you listen to this shocking broadcast, you will do the same, and the comments in the above image re “Wi-Fi” will make sense.

[Podcast]  Mejanomics June 13, 2019 – A Friend of Medjugorje, in a very important broadcast, shakes every parent and adult who has any care of young people, asking the poignant question: Are you really against child abuse? Be ready for an internal evaluation.

Are You Really Against Child Abuse?

Why do I now have a severe dislike for Mark Zuckerberg? Due to his family connections as they are part of The Great Reset. Just look at the next 3 images and 1 video and tell me if you have changed your mind.

David Ashton

Video added 10 May 2023

At the 2hours 37 mins mark there is a discussion about Lifelog. Of course the entire video is a must watch!!

Get it? Now you know why I think they way I do…..

Bongino’s video extract was created 13 May 2020, the same day Praying Medic (someone I have been following re: Q) was suspended from Fakebook.

What else is going on with Fakebook? Watch part of Dan Bongino’s show below to find out. Read all about this Oversight Board mentioned on this George Soros post.

Another CIA operation is also corrupt to the core. Which one? Google.

The CIA is also involved with Youtube and Instagram. Look up Operation Mockingbird. It is touched on in this video.

The backend of my Youtube account. 3 strikes and 1 more the account is deleted, so I needed to find an alternate platform to post my videos that tell the truth

Linkedin are now officially tyrants.

A screenshot of the backend of my linkedin account, when I was closing it and they had a Tell Us Why You Are Closing Your Account. Not only does LinkedIn support voter fraud, they are censoring truth. See link above “officially tyrants”.

Even Wikipedia is corrupt. Watch this video from the man who started Wikipedia.

If you have been keeping up with current events in the USA, this image posted here 1st September 2021 in view of the following instagram post makes sense. A picture tells a thousand words.

I don’t rejoice in being right all the time, but how Tyrannical do you think these CIA owned companies are? Lets have a look at Instagram.

In August 2021 or so the USA withdrew out of Afghanistan in a disastrous manner.

Naturally, the mother blasts the root cause of the death of her son (Biden) who looks at his watch as bodies of dead soldiers are brought home, like he had better things to do.

What does CIA owned Instagram do? They do what they are (tyrants) which is a Tyrannical response from a Tyrannical regimen. How dare you criticise our puppet leader that is taking us toward communism and the destruction of the entire world. How dare you indeed!

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