Since November 2017, Q has been keeping the people of the world updated with truth. Our Blessed Virgin, the Mother of our Saviour Jesus has told us to stop believing in lying voices.

Who are the lying voices she is referring to? Think for yourself.

It has been stated that as many as 30,000 people in the USA in their Government Departments have sealed indictments against them.

Suggestions have been made right up to this day that the Military will arrest these people as the Military are uncorrupted, unlike the worldwide media, most politicians and most people involved in the judicial systems.

Once these arrests happen, the rest of the world connected with these corrupted people will also be arrested in due course by their own Countries, clearing the way for a world without corruption.

I have stated many times by the end of 2038 there will no longer be any people alive on this Earth that do not believe in their Heavenly Father.

However, I fear that the illuminati will take one last stand before their take down. I hope what I have discovered is not correct.

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