The timing of this video coming out just today is uncanny. I’m going to link a video from September 2015 and this new one.

It was only yesterday I was having a disputed discussion with family about the HOAX Climate Change / Global Warming / Global Boiling (current buzz word) that my family believe this new religion is true and global boiling is really happening. I love the earth, protecting the environment etc. but CC is just a money making HOAX and this page and all the linked pages prove it beyond any doubt.

I made mention when the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) was being criticised yesterday on the News by residents affected by huge storms for their lack of ability to inform people of these impending storms within 24 hours, that this Climate HOAX was proven because they can’t even predict 24 hours let alone how are they going to predict “in 7 years the world is going to end” crap when they can’t even be 100% within 24 hours…..

But alas No my argument was rejected by some wording that just sounded like the MSM was talking to me. I found the timing impeccable for this video that supports what I’ve known for years, and goes beyond support proves it.


“[Wind turbines need] coal fired power in order to turn… So there’s absolutely nothing about them that works, apart from reaming [$600,000 – $900,000, per turbine] out of the Australian economy, and it’s going offshore.”
This coming winter, remember: Your energy bills have skyrocketed in order to subsidise wind turbines that don’t even work, as part of the Net Zero agenda to deliberately deindustrialise (and thereby impoverish) the West, while China and other countries unashamedly continue to capitalise on the huge economic prosperity afforded by the use of fossil fuels.
None of this has anything to do with saving the planet, and everything to do with demolishing our standard of living, and transforming the former middle class into a neo-feudal peasant class. Full 10min video.

Comment in relation to the above Rumble video

After having viewed the above video, absorb what I am repeating here from a 2015 video with Lord Monckton:

That’s what this is all about. It is covert funding at taxpayers expense for political parties, because in most countries, state funding for political parties is rightly frowned upon doesn’t happen, and the political parties want more money, so that they can fight each other and have more effective electoral campaigns, and their way to do this is let’s all agree, we’ll get this entire nonsense going, we will pay huge state subsidies, they will be made pretty clear, nod, nudge, nudge wink, wink, to the people who are getting these billions of dollars per wind farming subsidies, that they should give the thick end of it back to us in political donations, done of course individually in small amounts under the 5000 pound reporting middle whatever, but that’s the game that’s going up.

Lord Monkton 2015 – see full video and transcript linked on this page

Reminder – you are discovering on this page, and the personally selected pages below the following:

  • Climate Change is being used by Politicians to fund their campaigns and keep power
  • Climate Change is being used by the UN to take over the world, including via local councils
  • Climate Change is supported by MSM because they can keep in control
  • Climate Change is supported by Large Corporations for fear of missing out
  • Australian Politicians sold out Australia into a Corporation – see Gough Whitlam story – so if the USA is gone so must be Australia as per this next video.
The US Corporation owns the Australian Corporation. The US was made bankrupt in 2020 by Trump. Think about it – what would that do to Australia?
The above page contains links to the Lord Monkton interview mentioned above.
If you believe Climate Change is real, this page will pull your pants down. Read it and be embarrassed that you were fooled into believing such rubbish.

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