These Global Elites always announce what they are planning to do in advance.

Why do they do this? Pride.

Who is the king of Pride? satan – he does not deserve his first letter to be in capitals.

Our Lady has been appearing in Medjugorje now for 40 years. That is a biblical number. We are in Revelation right now.

Praying Medic is correct, prayers are the only answer because what they are planning we can reduce the impact.

Our Lady stated on March 18th 2020 the following “satan is reigning and wants to destroy your lives and the earth on which you walk…” Archbishop Vigano sent a letter to President Donald Trump. As a Catholic, I fully support everything this good man of God does. Unfortunately the Catholic Church has been infiltrated from within in a deliberate manner by satanic minions to turn people away from God and the true Church – God will fix this.

Vigano is the Uncle of Marija, one of the visionaries who is being visited by Our Mother. There is lots more I can share and will do at my websites, as it is now time for my calling to come into play. Read more about what Our Lady said here.

Keep up the good work Dave, and thank you for researching and reminding us about Q posts (saves us all a lot of time). God Bless.

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