I’m not one to shy away from the truth on this website. Below is a video of the entire episode 1281 Dan Bongino Show titled “Deeply Disturbing Video Emerges of this Leftist Activist”.

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Page updated 6th April 2022, adding youtube censored image and link to audio. I wish I’d saved it as haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the web.


Go to the 33.41 mark of the video. If you currently think Black Lives Matter is all about looking after Black people, you need to rethink because you have been tricked.

You have embarrassed yourself in front of who knows how many. Watch the above video and learn the truth about how you were duped. (obviously, as at today with the page being updated 6th April 2022 the video is gone/censored – audio only available).

What to do? Go fix all the stuff ups you have done – it is that simple.

Comment made recently by Dan Bongino (September 2022) – he labelled BLM as Build Large Mansions – if you have been following the truth you will understand and agree with that statement.

Dan Bongino this added 27 September 2022

Added 6th April 2022 – The following video added today from a recent podcast. Inside this new video is the same comments (video) made by the communist leader of BLM. This video reinforces if you supported BLM, you were conned.

Dan Bongino tells you how they trick you so you do stupid things

If this telegram post doesn’t trigger you, and prove that I have pulled your pants down (again) as a BLM supporter, then either you are denying it or you are dumb as shit.

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The FBI Agents Association rewarded agents who took a knee in front of BLM, proving the rot isn’t just at the top

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