When Noah interviewed Bo recently I wasn’t expecting another update for at least another 2 weeks. Todays Rumble is very interesting indeed, especially since the German politician announced something is coming that we will all remember the day (24th September). Bo mentions this too in this video towards the end of it he essentially says : “They are planning a final attack. So please whatever they do, remember God’s in charge, and whatever their plans are for September 24th, because they know God’s calendar too, and whatever their plan is – it’s not good – it’s satanic it’s demonic, whatever it is it’s bad. Pay no attention to their plans, it’s God’s counter to their plan will be the glory. They are finished, a day of vengeance”.

It is interesting that in my book I wrote in 2015 I suggested that the Secrets were coming in 2016, and that should the secrets unlikely be delayed (they were for good reason that I will go into at another time), then they will probably happen in 2022. With all these Biblical events happening, it is very interesting times indeed.

David Ashton webmaster

Bo Polny: “In ONE Day, Kings Of The Earth Will Weep and Wail…”

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