This is a collection of questionable photos and telegram posts. Body doubles are used but also they create conspiracies. Clearly the fake POTUS Joe Biden is not the Joe Biden of 2016. You are watching a movie sheeples.

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Update 11 August 2022. This next video tells you everything you need to know. Not only is the No Salute absolute proof that Joe Biden isn’t who he says he is, the Military confirms that they only salute the real POTUS. Wake up.

Added 19 November 2022

Update added 10 January 2023

Extract Episode 1952 Dan Bongino Show – 17 February 2023

I couldn’t not have this snippet here, though unrelated to body doubles topic (or is it?) the gaffes are funny. The Great communicator proving we are in a movie.

Update added 3rd April 2024

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