Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Frank Walker of Canon212.com has called this rightly, when he ran a link to the below article, with the leader on Dec. 25, 2022: “Breitbart floats garbage story …”

It is known that during the Scamdemic, that huge sums of money were paid by governments to news agencies to promote the narrative and the deathvaxxes. Most likely this money was contractually required by their agreements with BigPharma.

That Breitbart is running this story, now, shows that someone is testing the waters to see if this “opposition” news source has any power to promote the same scam twice.

From now on, however, I strongly counsel everyone to STRIKE OUT Brietbart from your list of reliable media, forever. They must considered a WEF agent and servant in everything they do and are allowed to print. This is totally contrary to the interests of the founder.

This story isn’t surprising to us anons. We’ve known this for years that the MSM are not just on the take, they are the ENEMY of the people. If you are interested in reading the original Breitbart story, a link and pdf of the article is below. I’ve added the comments from people at the site too at the bottom of the pdf, when you read the comments everyone is now aware that the MSM are full of it – so their “test” may help these WEF bastards realise their narrative can’t be twisted like they have done so for years.

David Ashton


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