This page was updated 8 march 2022 – finding missing / deleted censored videos and articles (That’s how you know truth in 2022 when tyrants delete something that is against their communist narratives that suits the new world order clowns.

Get educated, share the hell out of it and let your toilet paper levels go down to normal!!

Why have I placed this video here? Two reasons and it all revolves around the mainstream media….. If by any chance you believe the media on anything, then STOP listening to the fake news, I know what you should do – ask me to send you some information..

Screwtube is at it again here is the original link for reference

The mainstream Media has an agenda – 2 points:

  • To write negative news, which helps sell their newspapers and gets people watching the TV
  • To stop the re-election of Donald Trump by crashing the stock market and also destroying the western world economy – the media are dumb aren’t they – as they don’t know they are being used by a master intellect….

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The following was originally posted on a separate page March 20, 2020 – now moved to this one page 8 march 2022

Dr Centeno discussed facts v fiction above, originally on a separate page – now combined into one. This video discusses that a 50 year old Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) may be the cure.

Screwtube is at it again. Here is the original link for reference. I sourced the original video from the wayback machine.

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