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The above images appeared on Telegram so I have copied them here. It will be interesting to see if this happens, especially seeing I believe devolution is in play for certain.

I personally believe that in order for the people to remove the USA illegitimate government of Let’s Go Brandon with pure optics for Donald Trump, they need to be so far away from being able to control the Country, the Military would need to step in al-la Devolution.

Here is my spitball, I remember watching two prophets predictions, one was on Hank Kunnermans website and I think the other linked to Sid Roth’s.

  • 3 democrats will die in close succession, perhaps all in one day
  • Kamala will be consoled by Jesus for not getting the Presidency as she is stabbed in the back, Our Lord reminds her of what she said when she was a little girl. So Kamala turns on the Democrats and becomes a key witness.

Those two predictions may be coming into play very soon.

What if 3 democratic senators die during the approval process to confirm Kamala to the Supreme Court.

Trumps Truth Social starts to wake up the normies, who realise they have been tricked, not only killing their children but them too in due course…..The shit will hit the fan.

And then looking at the above spit balling from “Karma Patriot”, the Government could be in total chaos needing the military to step in……inflation out of control, we the people not listening to anyone anymore because we don’t trust anyone from the MSM, CDC, FBI, CIA, Police – anyone in official positions.

The country would be out of control – needing a new election (AT ALL LEVELS), and that’s where devolution reveals everything.

God Wins.

Even God may intervene soon – April / May 2022 up to 12 months from there – as he has said he will “when the situations are at their worst”.

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