1. How can they do this?

2. Why are they doing this?

A1 [Quick Short Answer]: The first answer is they can’t, but because they believe they can and have the support of the UN and the WEF Puppets they think they will get away with it.

A2 [Quick Short Answer]: The UN has paid many traitors around the world, in local government as well as higher ups politicians, senators, judges, CEO’s. These traitors especially at the lower levels believe they are doing this for good reasons. The higher you go the more you know.

A1 & A2 [Longer Answers]:

Rather than just repeat myself, I’ll point you to the articles already on this website that will give you the answers and solutions. What’s the point of knowing without having the how to fix it right?

If you were going to ask me, which one would I watch / read first? I’d look at the Tony Abbott one. As Lord Monckton revealed what is going to happen and who is behind it back in 2015. But all the below articles are important. Just prepare to be totally pissed off with those whom you have trusted in the past.

Estimated reading time 10+ hours overall.

Here are the articles that gives you the answers AND solutions

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