It is of zero surprise to me that these sort of numbers are now being reported. Their job is now done, as they have maximised the kill over the next 1 – 3 years with lots of Aussies taking the jab, some forcibly with loss of job prospects (this was made illegal in October 2021).

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So we now know:

The PCR Test was fake to divert the Flu numbers to Covid, to make the appearance there is a virus. The Flu deaths suddenly disappeared in 2020.

The PCR Test inventor said it wouldn’t work for what they are doing, he is now dead (amazing how people standing up against the New World Order are dead)

Every doctor / nurse who provides evidence to the fakery of this PLANdemic is threatened / banned and their videos / posts are deleted from youtube/twitter/facebook – this tells you it is the truth.

Natural immunity or existing drugs that would not make Big Pharma big $$$ was suddenly banned, even though it was proven to save people.

Forced vaccination (and I use that word loosely as it is not a vaccine) was designed to create the so called virus, because it was inside the jabs.

The meaning of the word vaccination was changed.

In a bait and switch by the bastard media, the “comirnaty” version of the “vaccine” was officially approved. However, this version will never be produced because it doesn’t exist and has never been manufactured. This duped a lot of Aussies into thinking the vaccine was approved, because of the way the media words things. This drug is still an experimental drug. How do they get away with it? Headlines. They put the story they want to push in the headline or the first few paragraphs, and then tell the opposite which is the real truth, down deep in the story – because people are busy / lazy and rarely read an entire article.

There are laws in place that will protect Big Pharma from lawsuits, when a version for children is approved. This is why a children’s version has been rushed onto the market with “approval” and almost zero testing.

Rumble backup (because this is a Fakebook link):

OK, so let’s review the following telegram posts:

There were reports that laws were introduced to allow foreign troops on Australian soil, and that they could not be sued.

Foreign logos were photographed onto so called police, that were acting in ways we knew Aussie Police would not against their own countrymen; such as firing rubber bullets into their backs, harming 80 year old ladies who couldn’t hurt a fly let alone a big Aussie “cop” and using equipment that burned Aussies skin from “microwaves”.

All this ain’t conspiracy theories mate. It has been reported on this website.

It makes no difference Albanese, we are still coming for you and every single politician / doctor / TGP employee – you name it as the list isn’t limited here. If you were involved in killing Australians knowingly for money and / or power you will be charged for crimes against humanity. When I get a voice (it is coming), you are in big trouble because I never forget. NEVER. When you tricked my family and friends to take the jab, and other Aussies I do not know but they are my countrymen, you poked the wrong bear.

Why else would I have been linking all things bad at this website? Just for fun? Nope, there is methods to all this. I love and look forward to justice. And I love and support the death penalty.

The following is just too funny to not put this onto the page, however it is truth:

Murder She Wrote 2022 style!!

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