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Amy Winehouse – Jonathan Ross 2004 HQ (I Heard Love Is Blind + Interview)_HIGH_00 Amy said they tried to mold her into a triangle. She makes the illuminati pyramid shape with her hands. She refused their offer and exposed them. They will kill you if you accept them and expose them, they will kill you if you don’t accept them but expose them. If your blind or stupid then you won’t see the truth and think the video is funny.

The about information on the youtube page – spelling errors not corrected

My cousin first alerted me to the Illuminati, then with a bit of research I discovered a video from a woman who was married to a Military Officer.

These are evil people, possessed by demons who call us – the peasants – “useless eaters”.

They want to depopulate the world, down to 500 million and yet they rely on us. Total madness. Totally demonic.

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