Why is the hill to die on?

Dan Bongino and Ron Desantis said something like this

Another article written today – Yes we are at war with Disney.

The only way to beat these woke companies it to defund them.

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Dan Bongino has the answer:

First, a part transcription of the following video. Dan knows a lot about people and how they think.

In a second grade classroom, why is that the hill to die on? We’re all asking the same question, Governor. Well, I’ve got an answer for that. I set that up that way intentionally. You know, I’ve been studying the left for a long time I’ve lived around them during my time in the White House.

Folks, they’re not hard to figure out. But I will say talking about these problems and indicating, you know, the why, why they do what they do. Sometimes they’re two completely different things, and I think they separate the good hosts from the mediocre hosts. That’s why a guy like Mark Levin has, you know, millions upon millions of followers.

Levine never does a show about a problem without explaining typically the why the reasons why they do what they do, and I’ve tried to emulate his style because he said that that’s additive to your life. Anybody can listen to the news. Here’s what I mean.

Why do they want to sexualize kids so badly? Folks, follow me here and I don’t want to get too deep in it but enough that we’ll understand.

They’re angry. The left is angry. They’ve always been angry. Okay, why are they angry? That’s not good. We know they’re angry. We hear them we hear the way they scream at us. They scream at the sky. The way they called Trump a Nazi. You know, that’s why they’re they’re angry at the banality of their existence.

They’re angry at the what they perceive to be the purposelessness of it all, but it’s there’s no purpose to it. Remember the matrix Its about purpose Leo. They don’t see a purpose. You have to understand I’m not talking about all Democrats. I want to be clear.

The radical socialist left.

These people do not believe in any God at all. They believe that they are the creators of their own reality that there is no objective reality that what a man and a woman is is defined by us. Joe you got to stop me if this gets out of line here. But this is super important you understand this.

They don’t believe in any objective truth at all. Big our God given rights granted by God. That doesn’t mean there is no God. There’s no right to free speech. There’s no right to assemble, right to practice a religion. There’s no right to petition your government. There’s none of that. They don’t believe in a god they don’t believe in any objective, unchangeable, immutable values from God you understand?

They believe we human beings created all, this is all there is it’s all there ever going to be. So they see the suffering around them, and they don’t see any value in suffering. See, that’s the difference between us and them.

When you look at the world’s great religions, this is why they hate by the way, all religions all religions unless it works for them politically. Every one of the world’s major religions, it shows that there’s a value in suffering, right. Suffering is the ticket and the price you pay for access to the second creation, right.

I think of the Malamud. Quote, Bernard Malamud from the natural I talk about all the time we all live two lives the one we learn from, and the one we live after that. The only path to true happiness is through suffering. Suffering involves making mistakes real people, real authentic, good, genuine moral people typically have made a lot of bad mistakes in their lives and they’ve learned through suffering for themselves or suffering for others.

The left sees no purpose in that at all. There is no second creation. They see suffering as just plain suffering and they’re angry at it all. They hate everything about themselves and everything about you. They see the family and the idea of sacrificing for the family. And the idea of sex as being for some higher good procreation as ridiculous. Why sacrifice for the family, you’re here for yourself. You get one of these things, screw the family double barrel middle fingers competition government. Sex it’s fun do it. You’re attracted to minors minor attracted persons their new word for pedophilia, fine, what’s the problem? It’s fun.

This is their guiding ethos. These leftist nuts. They’re angry. They are angry at the suffering in front of you because they see no value in it because they think this is their only shot. There is no second creation. They’re angry at their very existence in a world of suffering. I’m sorry if that was a little too…. But it too much, but it’s true.

I’ll prove it to you right here.

The evidence is everywhere. Here’s a simple one, this broke on lives of tick tock yesterday. So apparently there was a medical student or an alleged medical student. A we’ll see about that alleged medical student at a prominent university Wake Forest. Who tweeted this out. Tweeted out I had a patient that was doing a blood draw on see my pronoun pin and loudly laughter the staff she her? Well, of course it is. One of the pronouns even are there it so apparently she’s claiming she was taking blood from a patient who was confused about her pronouns. She says I missed his vein, so he had to get stuck twice. But little smirking face emoji. Oh you did?

It’s called medical malpractice. So lives of tick tock picked it up and made sure Wake Forest medical school saw this Wake Forest School of Medicine responded back.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The students tweet does not reflect how Wake Forest University School of Medicine treats patients and provides patient care we’re taking measures to address this with students.

Do you realize the kind of anger it takes to do that to intentionally inflict pain on someone because they made a joke you didn’t like about your pronoun pin. You know many people said things to me in the Secret Service sitting there at checkpoints when you were blocking up traffic and they wanted to get through. I mean, you think I got to hurt them?

Anger folks, they’re angry at their very existence. They see suffering around them and they don’t understand the purpose of it all. And they’re mad because they’re not attached to any objective God faith nothing. It’s all here all now. Whatever makes you feel good in the moment. That’s what you do.

I have an audio for you to listen to. You will understand everything that is going on. Our millennial kids are in trouble. They have been indoctrinated with bullshit and it is our fault. Why? For abandoning God so he is letting us experience what it is like without God.

David Ashton webmaster

Have you accepted the education lie? Released 8th August 2019

Go to the 10:30min mark – there is a Democratic Socialist Convention. You will hear the mentalities of the adults that will be making decisions on YOUR future if not now, very soon. Disturbing. All Our Fault. We must fix this.

What is coming to fruition now was preplanned in 1965

They are writing about this wokism everywhere, so we still have time to save the children, but not much time. I think God will need to help.

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