With the recent raid of Mar-A-Lago which is President Trumps current residence, there has been increased noise about what should be done about the corrupt FBI.

The latest comment from Victor Davis Hanson has prompted me to write this article today to remind everyone what I have reported back in 2016.

In this link I shockingly discovered the 1963 goal of 45 plans to take down and destroy the USA. Most of them has happened. As reported in the video below “Do Not Break Up The FBI” line number 35 is stated as Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

How can you do that? With a plan exposed by a Friend of Medjugorje.

Here is the audio mentioned:

You Better Be Praying for Trump – released August 11, 2022

To read the transcript here is the original page https://medjugorje.com/radiowave/you-better-be-praying-for-trump/

The below audio has the full speech of Trump.

God Raises Up the Man of the Hour – Sirach 10:4-5 – released September 21, 2017

I have a small audience at the moment, but what I am to do down the track (probably within the next 6 months) may change that. I am ready for that challenge (details available at the messages) so if you are reading this please share the hell out of it.

These two telegram posts appearing today is why I decided to provide my opposing views in this article and video:

If the twitter link is no longer active, I have recorded the video inside the “Do Not Break Up The FBI” rumble.

Rumble recording of Dan Bongino 25 min interview with ex-FBI agent:

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