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False Flags

Orwellian: New Emails Confirm CDC Officials Scrambled to Change “Problematic” Definition of ‘Vaccine, Vaccinated’ Because Experimental mRNA Jab Did Not Qualify Under Old Definition

  • In September 2021, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was caught stealthily changing the definition of the word “vaccine,” as well as what it means to be “fully vaccinated,” because the experimental mRNA jab was not meeting the well-established criteria under the old definition – and people were taking notice.

Before the change, the CDC website defined vaccine as:

  • Vaccine – “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.”
  • But gone are the days of vaccines producing so-called “immunity.” Now, the official CDC definition moves the goal posts and states that the experimental mRNA jab, and vaccines in general, simply “STIMULATE THE BODY’S IMMUNE RESPONSE.”
  • And that’s how you end up with Covid-1984.
  • After the change, via CDC:
  • Vaccine – “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”
  • At the time, CDC officials justified their actions by claiming, ridiculously, that the “slight changes” that were made “haven’t impacted the overall definition” of vaccines. In fact, they claimed to be doing the public a favor with the update, as the previous definitions were apparently too confusing for the non-expert layman to understand without a deep understanding of sCiEnCe.
  • This way, the definition is more “transparent,” a CDC spokesperson explained to The Miami Herald:
  • Well, sure enough, the CDC’s bogus spin proved to be yet another outright lie, as newly obtained emails that were released by The Epoch Times this week show the communication between frantic CDC officials who were scrambling to change the definition of vaccines because the failures of the experimental jab had become “problematic” in relation to the old definition.
  • In one exchange that was sent by CDC official Alycia Downs on August 25, 2021, she warns her colleagues about how people are beginning to notice that the experimental Covid jab doesn’t even meet the CDC’s own definition. This seems to be when CDC officials began taking notice of the issue. One month later, the definition was changed.
  • So much for “transparency.”
  • From Downs’ email, via The Epoch Times:

“The definition of vaccine we have posted is problematic and people are using it to claim the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine based on our own definition,” Alycia Downs, a CDC official, wrote in an email on Aug. 25, 2021, to a colleague.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

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