I’ve held off reporting on this topic too much for many reasons. One because surely not, as I’ve seen many reports about crickets being in food at BP stations (I’ve not yet found any at my locals). So I’ve embedded a link at the foot of this article on what I have covered so far.

I believe now that this article/topic is going to creep up in size, I’ll have to create a membership type page like I did so all the articles can be viewed at a glance. My front/home page reveals this.

Various forms of crickets are now being sold for human consumption as part of the disingenuous “climate cult” lunacy that pretends if enough humans eat bugs, we will change the weather.

While the meat supply chain is being destroyed by governments who claim nitrogen is evil — yes, the very same governments that still claim carbon dioxide is a pollutant even though it’s the pillar of photosynthesis — we’re all being told to eat crickets and mealworms to save the planet.

The first few paragraphs of the Natural News about Z Bugs story linked below

You commie, God less bastards who have created this, you have some major shit coming your way, and you deserve it. No pity from me will be forthcoming. This comment I direct at every idiot (even some of my family) on the planet who believes or is not sure about climate change. I have read that the human body doesn’t take well to crickets/insects. As satan is involved here, of course it doesn’t, that’s the plan.

The link to the story in this Telegram post is saved below as a PDF
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