by JD Rucker  September 13, 2022 in PodcastsVideos

Just because the globalist elites are embedded with Europe’s economies now does not mean that if Europe collapses, so too will the globalists. The exact opposite is actually much more likely.

The various analyses of the current situation in Europe and the narrative-shaping news coming out of Ukraine have been mostly wrong. That’s not new; we’ve been saying since February that the sanctions against Russia would backfire and do far more harm to Europe’s and America’s economies than to Russia’s and we were called “Russian propagandists” as a result.

Now, the same people who said the sanctions would tank Russia’s economy and do little to harm western economies are saying Europe’s economies ARE going to crash, but that it’s somehow a good thing because it will put an end to The Great Reset. Once again, I’m forced to debunk these claims. The crashing of western economies is EXACTLY what the architects of The Great Reset want.

You can’t sell a reset when things are going well. You can’t Build Back Better until a nation is effectively destroyed. This has been the case from the beginning and it’s how the globalist elites plan on pushing us down their Neo-Marxist road. I detailed all of this on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show.

The Great Reset Will Be Presented as the Solution

An article by David Solway at PJ Media dropped over the weekend that was well-reasoned, extremely well-written, and absolutely wrong. I can understand the wishful thinking that can drive someone to believe a collapsing Europe would somehow derail the Cabal’s plans for The Great Reset based on the past and ongoing circumstances that tie globalist power to European prosperity. What Solway’s assessment doesn’t take into account is that the ties that bind the Eurozone’s capitalistic success with the globalist elites’ own financial fortunes are not nearly as permanent as most believe.

As Richard Morrison writes in National Review Capital, “The global regulatory cartel that technocrats such as Schwab envision—a system of supranational policymaking that insulates politicians and CEOs from the demands and expectations of their most important constituents—is exactly the course of action that will end…the amazing growth, health, education and prosperity” that the free-market system has created. Such is the policy that Klaus and his Davos minions would pursue, which the current imbroglio might well put paid to. There would be scarce maneuvering room to set the Schwabian program in place. 

Or, on the contrary, would the proponents of the Davos enterprise rejoice in the anarchy and see it as a timely opportunity to impose a socialist interregnum leading to a full-fledged totalitarian upheaval, a leftist takeover of the global community that would meet little resistance?

I suspect that such an eventuality is unlikely. Corporations would be severely weakened by the energy crunch and unable to successfully assert their “stakeholder” dominance. International bodies, nonprofits, and political organizations would be similarly hamstrung. In effect, there would be too little remaining “on the ground” for the Reset to take hold, which in the light of a global cataclysm would be cold comfort indeed. The Great Reset is something that can be opposed; the wreckage of the global economy and the destruction of the institutional structure of society offer no such consolation.

David Solway

He was close. He acknowledged that a collapsing Eurozone economy would mean chaos through which the architects of The Great Reset could launch the next phase of their plan, then he dismissed it as “unlikely.” On the contrary, it’s extremely likely. I would go so far to say that it’s precisely what the Cabal has not only hoped for, but have planned for some time.

Rather than seeing western capitalism and globalist power as tied together, we need to see them more as heading in the same direction… for now. They appear to be in lockstep; the success of Eurozone economies means success for globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, Open Societies, and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. But just because they’re heading in the same direction doesn’t mean they’re going to the same destination.

Imagine two cars driving side-by-side on a dark road. In one car is the Eurozone economy. In the other car is the globalist cabal. The road is dark as they speed along and neither can see very far ahead. But the globalist elites have a map, one they created when they laid out the route they all would take from the beginning. On the map they can see the bridge is out. The Eurozone car doesn’t have the map. They can only see what’s immediately ahead.

Just before reaching the dysfunctional bridge, the car full of globalists will hit the brakes. The Eurozone car will keep going and plummet into the ravine below, crashing into fiery flames of economic distress and societal chaos. And who will remain intact to render aid and usher in a new vision of Neo-Marxism? Yep, the globalist elite cabal.

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