Everything That You Need To Know About Climate Change | Global Warming or the upcoming changed wording Climate Emergency

They started off with the wording Global Warming, so when their long term predictions didn't come true the wording was changed to Climate Change. It is about to become a Climate Emergency in the name of health.

If after you have reviewed everything on this page, and you still don't believe this is a money based agenda driven scam, then there is no mental help available for you.

I am all for protecting the planet from pollution and so on, but their agenda is hogwash. If you reduce the planets CO2 levels, we will all freeze and die. It is proven on this page.

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This extract from Dan's great broadcasts explains the current Russia "War" and Climate Change has been a scam since 1970. All their predictions are wrong. If climate change is real and sea levels are rising, why are Tyrants Obama and Pelosi owning homes next to the ocean?

Dan Bongino rips into stupid Jen Psaki and then by default labels all people believing in Climate Change as idiots. California is experiencing blackouts at night because they have shut down their powerplants using solar and wind. Guess what the batteries aren't big enough and the sun doesn't come out at night.

This video is equally at home on the Great Reset page, so it has been placed there too.

Recent Articles

Whitney Webb Explains to Glenn Beck What the Climate Change Hoax Is Really About

The Illuminati goal of depopulation is real. Visit story and watch video here.

A 5th Graders Lesson in Climate Change

Get educated at this page.

Hurricanes and the Climate

Even the Wall Street Journal is on to their crap.

The Sea Ice Isn't Melting video 1

The Sea Ice Isn't Melting video 2

Download webpage pdf. WARNING: Foul language. View larger version of the above Telegram image here.

Worlds First Patient diagnosed with Climate Change

The headline in the above image tells the current state of play for these idiots pushing their agenda. Visit x22 report website for links.

Vaccine Mandate Updates

This isn't working. The whole world is waking up. Visit x22 report website for links.

New Peer-Reviewed Study Takes Wrecking Ball to Myths About Apocalyptic ‘Climate Change’

Climate experts have published peer-reviewed research in the journal European Physical Journal Plus that takes a wrecking ball to numerous unsubstantiated claims about ‘apocalyptic’ climate change that have flourished in the mainstream press.

If you like stats and figures then this article is for you.

The Rich World’s Climate Hypocrisy

A quote pulled from the article: This is why solar panels and wind turbines can’t deliver most of the energy for industrializing poor countries. Factories can’t stop and start with the wind; steel and fertilizer production are dependent on coal and gas; and most solar and wind power simply can’t deliver the power necessary to run the water pumps, tractors, and machines that lift people out of poverty.

Visit article here.

Climate Lockdowns and the “Melbourne Experiment”

Australia’s wokest university has released a fascinating document entitled “The Melbourne Experiment” which promises to embed pandemic-style lockdowns into government policy in an effort to combat man-made “climate change.”

Absolute proof beyond any doubt that Climate Change is a CON

Dan Pena, Dan Bongino, Wall Street Journal, Banks, The Great Barrier Reef, The ABC, Politicians, New Jersey Local Government, CNN and many more PROVE that Climate Change is a CON. Visit that page now.

Anti-Greta Blasts ‘Climate Alarmism’ to Conservative Gathering

A young, long-haired, European activist passionately addressed climate change before a crowd of supporters in Maryland on Friday.

This page has added Greta Thunberg singing mocking her beloved Climate Change. See it here.

Must see videos on many topics not just this scam

The Great Reject - Will Democrats go down with the ship?

Even Greta Thunberg is realising this is all a scam. Visit original webpage.





The promoters don't even believe their crap

Media Narrative Blown Apart as Aussie Authorities Count More Than 180 Arrests Related to Brush Fires

Climate Activists Hit with Devastating News After the True Cause of Aussie Fires Is Revealed.
I've been telling you for ages, Climate Change is a Scam, being fully supported by our beloved Fake News media outlets because there is huge money involved.

Politicians push and believe this crap don't they?

Nancy Pelosi just bought this property (November 2021) in Florida for $25 million. With the rising sea levels you'd think she was smarter than that eh? Original photo. In other words if you believe this is real after just this photo, you need your head read. Dan Bongino doesn't want her there either.

Telegram posts

These posts appeared on Telegram and you will not see them anywhere else. Discussions about The Great Barrier Reef and much much more.

Visit Climate Change absolute proof it is a con

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