Everything You Need To Know About The Coronavirus, Masks and the Vaccines

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This is a message to all of humanity. We are starting to win in courts. More...

Dr. Zev Zelenko slays Globalists, exposes "Global Genocidal Event" Mentioned in this video is Nanoparticles which is on the page - very disturbing...
Updated comment
Who is Dr Zev Zelenko?
Visit Dr Zev's website

Dr Robert Malone. The inventor of the mRNA that is inside the vaccines, is interviewed at the end of this 12min video by Tucker Carlson and says the risks outweigh the benefits. For his account to be deleted at Twitter & Linkedin tells you something fishy is going on.

THE GREAT RESET Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

This video applies to The Great Reset page and to this one. You will understand after you have watched it.

Video description. Link to original 3 part video series. About Geert Vanden Bossche. Note: Update December 2022 -link to original 3 part video series - webpage gone (you know why)

Rose/Icke 6 The Vindication

Visit Freedom Platform website for full 3 hour video, which has been divided into 7 x 30 min parts.
About these videos.
This interview also discusses the "Great Reset" so it will be found on that page too.

Rose/Icke 7 The Trap

What is it? How it works, and how we escape it's illusions.

Rose/Icke 8 Banned from entering 26++ Countries

Whilst I too don't agree with everything David says, he is a character worth listening too. Use your discernment to tell truth from fiction.



Vaccine warning videos and articles, some dating back to 2009!

Deadly Shots!!

SUMMARY: Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the entire world. The inoculation being referred to as "COVID VACCINES" is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots. Lin Wood referred this to me on Telegram.

Jesse Ventura interviews scientist 2009

Scientist Dr. Rema Laibow leaving the Country because she knows what is planned and is happening now at time of publication of this page - August 2021. Low quality video but it is the message that counts. The WHO has decided that there are 90% too many people. Everything happening now in 2021 is preplanned.

Aluminium Nanoparticles

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, ADHD, autism, asthma, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, flu vaccine and last but not least molecular mimicry. This video needs to be shared to educate. MUST DO: Refer to Dr Zev Zelenko video as he mentions all about nanoparticles.

Refer to nanoparticles story above right

In 2005, Jon Stewart conducted a cordial interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the link between mercury in vaccines and autism. Kennedy revealed ABC censored the story, and Stewart thanked him for his advocacy for children with autism. View original telegram post.





The Only Proof Anyone Should Need

This video came up on Telegram today. The Italian scientist in this video originally released in March 2020 was initially ignored and upon revisiting recently everything predicted is happening. You must listen to this. David Cheyne also discussed the 2009 video of Jesse Ventura interviewing Dr Rima Laibow - hence I now have the full videos. This so called virus was called Coronavirus when it first came out. The name was changed to Covid 19. You'll learn the true meaning of that term in this video.

Dr Rima Laibow | Under The Wire interview 22 August 2021

In this revealing interview we catch up on Dr Rima' thoughts of current events regarding the vaccines, and discover how the 2009 interview with Jesses Ventura happened. Links mentioned in video.

Update December 2022: Brand New Tube video gone, Bitchute version now added.

This is the link to the longer versions of the 2009 Jesse Ventura | Dr Rima Laibow interview on the tarmac. "I am an extremely concerned citizen about the direction our politicians wish to take us, UNLAWFULLY, against our wishes. The evidence, lying and censoring the truth about covid 19 is at an all time high. I am not a doctor, or scientist. Nor do I need to be. There is massive censorship of these professionals funded by big pharma to silence them from exposing the truth." - David Cheyne

The Best Explanation I've Seen About Why These Covid Jabs Are Killer Shots

This video quite simply explains it so easy that a 7 year old could understand it.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich "They Are Making So Many Mistakes, We Are Close To A Tipping Point"

5G Explained: Radiation Poisoning is Causing Sickness

One of the earliest videos which got banned by YouTube back in 2020… It made a lot of sense then and it makes even more sense now! Right over target...
Trouble is, Google/Big Tech future profits ~ not to mention Government AI/Digital command control systems ~ DEPEND upon 5G

Covid vaccine looks bad long term

If you haven't watched the video directly above this one (where the arrows are directing you) called "The Best Explanation I've Seen About Why These Covid Jabs Are Killer Shots" then this latest video posted here today 23 August 2022 will have you very concerned indeed. It is one of these moments where I don't want to be correct all the time too, as some of my family ignored me and took the death jabs.





All about masking up and lockdowns

Masks are a fear campaign

Wherever there is Tyranny, it is a good bet that the name George Soros is behind it. Sure enough good old Tyrannical George is funding people to be communists. There are useful idiots everywhere.

Dan Bongino informs you of the truth

The website mentioned in this video they ask you to become a member of the AMA to download the pdf. If links are no longer available download pdf from my website.

Jennifer Kizer Tift

School Board Liar and Tyrannical human being telling kids to mask up yet gets caught at a 10,000 event concert wearing no mask. Telegram image full size.

Extract episode 1714

Not only does Dan expose the nut jobs he also has some terrifying information that he and the masses are now discovering (Already mentioned on this page months ago). Something that I have known for ages. Subscribe to Dans' great broadcasts full episode here. Screen recording of article. Download pdf of website mentioned.

Fauci exposes the whole scam

This video starts at the 6:32 minute mark and listen to Fauci the fraudster expose everything. This was posted 4 June 2022. Lancet study mentioned in the video.

Masks make 'no difference,' according to study by world-renowned medical database

This website has reported this from day one. See story here.

Some original articles about HCQ and other cures

HCQ is a cure. There is so much truth in this article I just spent many hours finding a reuploading deleted information because it was over the target

Americas Frontline Doctors prove there is a cure for Coronavirus

I dared them (screwtube) and they did it. All within 5 mins of reuploading this video (2nd time deleted) which tells me it is truth and they don't want it out there. I have uploaded the video to bitchute . I now no longer upload videos to screwtube (since this day). It will be a real shame if this video goes viral.
See screenshot. (video named after qmap.pub post).



My local Australian puppets - what are they doing?

One thing you won't get in Covid press releases is truth - Alan Jones

Originally released 12 July 2021. Screwtube banned Skynews for 1 week after posting these sorts of videos. That's how you know when someone is over the mark when Big Tech censures you. Tyranny on show.

Tyrants in Australia

I am shocked as this is my Country. View the comments from telegram, look at what the Yanks think of this Country. We will be avoided like the plague.

Queensland Death Camps

Not just Queensland but all around Australia. Also see fake shots taken of the current Qld Premier and Anthony Hopkins. View Telegram screenshot. Not shocked enough yet? Read this - taken from the Agenda Manual for The Great Reset - I kid you not....

ALL the cases are the vaccinated

It is of no surprise that the above headline is happening when you look at all the evidence on this page. Even more disturbing is there are lots of people on ventilators. If you haven't watched this video from David Icke re Midazolam and what they did to our elderly, it might be timely to do that now.

Aussie Court Rules Mandatory Jabs Break The Law

Craig Kelly goes off at MSM

Liberal & Labor are engaged in pure evil - crimes against humanity against the Australian people. The WA Premier is a idiot.

What the? You are kidding me right?

satans number is 666 Are you awake yet?

The devil always warns you in advance due to his pride. Coronavirus started in March 2020 correct? You can't make this shit up, Microsoft patent in 2018 as they plan to chip us through the vaccines, ratified in Congress. There are 666 numbers everywhere in this document. Download the pdf.

The CRIME of Covid, proven by the patents, motivated by the love of money. (refer to HR 6666 article immediately to your left). Dr Zev Zelenko mentions in his video interview about depopulation plans, except he calls it quite rightly so "Genocide". Visit article. 

Graphine Oxide what is it? POISON

That word Nanoparticles is used again. Dr Jane Ruby says 99.9% of the CoronaVirus Vaccine from Pfizer is Graphine Oxide. Only reason it will be in there would be to murder. Will cause heart attacks and strokes. Want to get technical, there is a website link in the video, I downloaded the report from that link.

David Icke - the use of Midazolam to treat older people

Telegram screenshot. You know when you are over the target youtube deletes the video, but it is always backed up.

US Government Owns the Vaccines

A 2015 agreement signed with Moderna shows the US Govt not only planned the FAKE pandemic, but owns shares in it. You Can't Make This Shit Up.

More shocking information about Midazolam (also see David Icke story above)

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

This conversation was an absolute revelation of exactly what is happening with these so called vaccines. There are many questions answered by this Doctor you have to hear.

New Death Camps

We are the resistance. My Country Australia has been disarmed. If you have watched the Jesse Ventura videos from 2009 listed on this page you have seen these oversized coffins before.

Need more proof?

If you still don't believe that this is possible, mad men going to kill 90% of the population, then view these images. There is some comedy chucked in on this gallery page to lighten the mood, because everything on this page is very disheartening.

The Vaccine Companies / Big Pharma - the crooks that no one will trust very soon

Pfizer bankrupt 2018

Revealed: Did you know Pfizer went bankrupt in 2018? That is one reason for the big push on the Covid 19 vaccines. Video not the best quality but you'll get the idea.

FDA approval of Covid 19 vaccines

They now have 14 days to provide contents of vaccines and prove they work. Millions have already been vaccinated worldwide.

Covid 19 Hoax that will kill Big Pharma

Some big names mentioned in this video. A must see. View larger image.

Former Pfizer employee says checkmate

This video goes into more detail about why the FDA approval of the Covid 19 vaccine is a good thing. Watch related video "FDA approval of Covid 19 vaccines" above.
Chinese Military-Linked firm gathers DNA.

10 Reasons why the FDA approval isn't about health

This is a good external webpage to visit because it also has links to a comprehensive resources page

This is Dr Rima Laibow website. Her other videos are on this page.

Click here which is a short summary of the article.
The full article downloadable as a pdf.
Visit webpage with article.

Clay Clark - The Medical Coverup is being Exposed - Class Action Lawsuits is not just a Catch-Phrase

The Best Kept Secret

Bitchute link interesting information revealed

World Vaccination : Michael Matt on the Kennedy Connection

The Remnant Newspaper shocking revelations by JFK nephew Robert (starts at the 19min mark) which is why the video is appropriately titled Have you heard of Cognitive Dissonance? Robert Kennedy mentions Fauci and HIV, watch this video from Dr Judy Mikovits and find out what Fauci did to her career / life

Think you know your Covid Vaccine?

Click the above image to see my results and a screen recording of the website. Take your own test at the link below to see for yourself. http://covidvaccinequiz.org/quiz/us/

Pharmacy Scam

View larger Telegram image. Their "just following orders" defence will not prevent their execution at the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years experience

Dr. Zelenko begins the conversation explaining that the death jab will have medical problems because the death jab was not a vaccine, it was to reduce the population and the [DS]/Big Pharma fell short of their goal. But there is hope, those who received the death jab have the ability to shield or maybe even reverse what was given to them. Lots of hard truths in here that may be difficult for you to hear them for the 1st time.

Registered nurse Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC

Ron Johnson is holding a meeting. A video that is worth 8 mins of your time to watch. With Cuomo now out of the picture, I mentioned back then this was deliberate. Military Tribunals are imminent. This will bring down Big Pharma and all the corruption in the medical industry.

I Don’t Know How You Sleep at Night

A shocking story of a man that appears could have saved hundreds of thousands of people, but chose not to. Big Pharma bribe? Global Elite bribe? The Nuremberg 2.0 trials will not go well for him. Read Story. Download pdf backup.

Pfizer - another story that will not end well for them

A court order forced Pfizer to release 55,000 pages of documents about its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” and already the bombshells are dropping. Read article.

I wrote that headline because I ignored something the other day, but fortunately for me I was prompted to look at it from the only man I trust if my life depended on it.

So why are hospitals using it then? Especially Australia? The numbers are LOWER than they tell you on the news.

The Blaze article October 2022

Bait and Switch

The death jabs were never approved. They told you they were to trick you into taking it. This article will shock you and piss you off big time.

Karen Kingston - Big Pharma Unleashed A Bioweapon On The World, It’s Time To Press Criminal Charges

Today’s Guest: Karen Kingston

Website: http://karenkingston.net
Substack: https://karenkingston.substack.com

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst with over 20 years of experience. She's a contributor to discussion forums and news media with US and global doctors, scientists, and attorneys on the biological effects of the COVID-19 gene editing injections. Karen breaks down what Big Pharma created. They created a bio weapon and the FDA and Big Pharma did not know what would happen if they gave it to people. It is time for the people to bring criminal charges against Big Pharma.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

Karen Kingston - Russian MoD Confirms mRNA Injections Are Bioweapons!!! Globalist Plan for Nanotech Revealed!

18th March 2023. In the past week, we saw a HUGE announcement by the Russian MoD confirming mRNA injections are a bioweapon. The Russian MoD confirmed their intelligence coincides with the findings of Karen Kingston and Project Veritas, implicating the U.S. government, Pfizer, Ukraine, and governments worldwide!!!
Karen Kingston joins us with more evidence to back these claims, as well as never before seen research confirming the globalist plans to control the world through nanotechnology.





Fauci corner - lies lies and even more lies as you will discover Covid 19 is preplanned and a HOAX / bioweapon - straight from the horses mouth

Fauci explains how the PCR test is a total fraud

This fraudster who has assisted in ruining the lives of millions explains how the test doesn't really work in detecting a virus - this was divulged by the actual INVENTOR of the PCR test who has been censored by the Big Tech Tyrants.

Fauci owns patent

View this article. If you are vaccinated, the short answer is that Fauci has killed you within the next 3 years. It will not be Covid, it will be something else. This is their depopulation plan. There is hope watch this video by Dr Zelenko

Fauci The Prophet

The Covid 19 pandemic is again confirmed to be preplanned, as part of The Great Reset. Joe Biden even predicted it on his twitter account in 2019. NB: It started in March 2020....

Fauci Slips Up

All the money in the world to only enjoy a limited time on Earth. This twisted man (both of them really) need prayers for them as where they are going right now, in accordance with my report card, is very very hot. What did we learn today from these emails?

Obama the day before the "Fauci The Prophet" video is made does this

Obummer approves gain of function the day before this video is made by Fauci. The plan? To kill 90% of the Worlds population. View gab overlay.

Plandemic Part 1 Dr Judy Mikovits

This video is one that I was not going to miss having here. This lady has been through hell and exposes what a prick Fauci is. A total Tyrant who is going to hell unless he repents. Banned many times - you will see why after you watch it. This Kennedy video is a related story.

Has Accountability Finally Come For Dr. Fauci? (Ep. 2263)

In this June 4th, 2024 video Dan Bongino provides the proof from the current Fauci investigation from the US Congress that Bongino was 100% correct about everything. This confirms everything on this page you are reading right now is correct





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