Everything You Need to Know About Election Fraud and the US 2020 Election

All eyes are on the US as they research to FIX their election systems. If you think they are the only Country affected by this major problem, then this page will enlighten you to an alternate true reality.

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The 3 x most significant articles

Article with must see video - What has the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 got to do with the stolen US 2020 election, 9/11 and Astrazeneca?

Article - Who Printed Ballots for Fulton County, GA and Why Is It Important?

Article with must see video - Biden Using SCORECARD and THE HAMMER To Steal Another U.S. Presidential Election — Just Like Obama And Biden Did In 2012 – The American Report

How they did it articles

Article with video - Maricopa 2020 Election seems legit – Not!!

A Someone has put together a montage of a few videos, so I recorded it from the Telegram app.

Article - How to Steal the 2020 US Election

Many hours of videos demonstrate absolute proof that the election was stolen. Put bluntly if you refuse to believe after watching all these, my only conclusion would be that you are an idiot.

Article with video - Dominion Whistleblower Admin Password Remote Access

A whistleblower reached out with footage filmed of the Dominion Election Management System inside an election center in one of the states that used Dominion software and hardware (not Arizona).

Article - Warning: Contract Tracers to Quarantine Republican Districts on Election Day

Originally posted on this website July 27, 2020. As if worrying about the Democrats using cheat-by-mail to steal the 2020 election was not enough, the Strategic Culture Foundation has a new report out about how “contact tracing” will be used to suppress the vote in predominantly red districts this November. Nancy Pelosi already successfully slipped cash for contact tracing efforts into the CARES …Source. pdf.

Article with videos - The Sting

Newman / Redford / Shaw were great in the 7 Academy Award Winning motion picture. This pales in comparison to what is really going on here with Q / Trump / Military Versus Deep State / NWO tyrants. Just a small snippet in this article will get your mind really thinking. It will make a great 20 episode miniseries that will go on for 8 seasons when all the information is put together. This could easily go in the post about The Great Reset as it is all connected. 

The Polls are Fake to support a Coup

Originally posted October 22,2020. This video proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that if Trump loses the 2020 election, this was a total fraud brought upon the American people. Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of the Kamala Harris Tens of people rally page (link below). If it is deleted at anytime I will post the backup below.

Election Fraud running updates

X22 provides an update on the state of play. Trump is winning primaries. March 2 2022

X22 Spotlight 29 November 2021

Rogers and Clark - audit all 50 States, decertifying the election will create a constitutional roadmap

X22 in this part is describing how nursing home election fraud is throughout the country and DJT gives it to the J6 tyrants in his latest presser.

The Plan and some snippets of what is going on (latest events)

Patel Patriot

There was no way Trump / Q / The Military were going to allow the tyrants to destroy the USA. Hence allow them to steal the election but don't allow them to succeed in doing anything after. And anything they do they must fail miserably. Brilliant plan. Q always said "Trust The Plan" and they are allowing them to destroy themselves. Optics are always important.


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Article - Could this happen in 2022?

Some anons and myself make some predictions. Just spitballing so will be interesting to see if all this happens.

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David Ashton

Welcome and enjoy. At the moment some fairly nefarious people don't want you to see this information, they have Trillions of dollars at stake and everyone knowing the truth will, dare I say bankrupt them. 

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