Everything You Need To Know about the Great Reset

To put people off track they have called this a conspiracy theory. Originally planned as the New World Order, it has been renamed and remarketed due to the failed 1st attempt to tyrannize the world - they now call themselves The World Economic Forum. This page will be updated with the latest developments. Catch up to what you didn't know below.

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Latest Videos and articles

Episode 403 - James Corbett. Meet the satanic Organisation Behind The Planning of The Great Reset

Michael Matt from The Remnant Paper gives us a rundown on the latest with these Tyrannical people

Link to see The Corbett Report website to view all the terrible plans these Tyrants have in place

This video is also located on the Vaccine page and you will know why after you have watched it

Global Exclusive: General Michael T Flynn Lays Out Plan To Save The USA and the World. Visit website for original video. This video would be equally at home on the vaccine page but I have left it on this page only.

The GODLESS AGENDA : from Davos to the Vatican

Comments by Michael J Matt

Visit RTV website

More articles and videos

Episode 387 - James Corbett

You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.

New World Order is now called The World Economic Forum - you cannot defeat God

What two Tyrants currently in leadership roles in the USA have publicly declared allegiance to The New World Order? Joe Biden and Lori Lightfoot. This video makes complete sense of why Biden is destroying the USA and Lightfoot Chicago. But there is good news too. The link to the LA Salette story and download the pdf.

Cyber Attacks coming

Video published 9 July 2021. Klaus Scwab and his bunch of cronies are planning another worldwide event, greater than their Covid attack to control you, no doubt whilst their vaccines kill you if you don't starve 1st. Q is right, these people are sick.

Are they planning a Cyber Attack?

These tyrants are exposing themselves even more with this article. Nice try in deleting it, nothing is ever deleted on the internet. Q has exposed them see the article linked. That is why Q is hated and mocked by the MSM.

Did it really go anywhere? 22 March 2022

This video is could equally feel at home on the climate hoax page, so it is posted there too

Connecting the Dots on the FBI, Censorship and the Great Reset (Ep. 2024) - 5th June 2023

In this episode, Bongino connects the dots between the FBI, censorship and the Great Reset. News Picks

What is the Great Reset? Videos explain it in minutes

What is Agenda 2030?

To understand everything that is happening you must understand their plan. Agenda 2030 is their plan, one of complete totalitarian control, transhumanism and the end of life as we know it.
Covid, other pandemics and climate change is their way to achieve all this. Don’t be fooled, everything is by design.

What is Agenda 21?

Brief explanation of Agenda 21, which was agreed and signed by 179 nations. Covid was created and released as a means to further this agenda, and the climate warming hoax is another means of forwarding the plan, so pay attention.
(Note: Agenda 2030 is part of Agenda 21)



These articles and videos explain everything that has happened.

Abbotts overthrow and what it really means

This article and 59 min interview allowed these Tyrants to start The Great Reset. I sent this email to Lord Monckton to which I have never received a reply - a must read to get my thoughts and concerns. Proof Monckton told the truth with this article written in 2022.

Davos in the Catacombs | Klaus Schwab's Secret Vatican Connection

Vigano said we have to get rid of Vatican II. In 1965 I was 1 year old and everything I have studied confirm it must be rescinded.

Read Comments.

Our Lady's here because of what is coming out of the Church

Look at the LA Salette Story.

FRANCIS: Poster Pope of the Great Reset

Alex Jones Breaks Down The Great Reset for Dr. Joseph Mercola



Episode 1689 - extract

See full episode, sign up to his great broadcasts. 

UK Cancels all Covid Mandates (Globalist Pope Exposed)

This episode of The Remnant Underground exposes the underreported dropped of ALL mandates in the UK. See website for full article. Watch full episode of Firing Line video.

Glenn Beck tells Tucker Carlson all about The Great Reset

No longer a conspiracy theory to the MSM, always known as truth by this blog owner for many years. View telegram image.

Visit Freedom Platform website for full 3 hour video, which has been divided into 7 x 30 min parts on this website. 

About these videos. This interview also discusses the "Pandemic issues" so it will be found on that page too.

Episode 1709 - extract

In this episode, Dan addresses the latest disturbing move by Dictator Trudeau against the truckers. It could have ramifications all over the world. See full episode and sign up to his great broadcasts.

This is a MUST READ article - it ties everything together

The Nazis Weren’t Defeated… They Went Underground and Now Run CANADA and the WORLD, Pushing Eugenics and Depopulation Agendas. This article wouldn't be out of place on the vaccine page either, but just placed here.

Episode 1710 - extract

The liberal control freaks are openly discussing how to implement the “Great Reset.” In this episode I address their scheme and how to fight back. See full episode and sign up to his great broadcasts.

'Do you understand, America, what that means?': World Economic Forum publishes SHOCKING Great Reset strategy

Everyone needs to read this

The Nazis Weren’t Defeated… They Went Underground and Now Run CANADA and the WORLD, Pushing Eugenics and Depopulation Agendas

The Third Reich never really ended. Although Hitler himself was destroyed, the Nazi regime of the 1920s / 30s / 40s simply went underground and morphed into a global movement of infiltration and influence that’s now emerging as “globalism.”

Direct plans to destroy America uncovered - if the USA falls so does the world

The 16 year plan to destroy America

Praying Medic announced this video on telegram. Here is the direct Q post. Download these two images for full viewing.

The communist takeover of America - 45 Declared Goals

This article I posted to my website on 12 July 2016 showed that in 1963 they had planned what is happening now. Look at the three articles in the previous row above.

Vigano - Deep state and church will bring new world order and religion

The new religions are Global Warming and the mask mandates / lockdowns. Control is what they are after, so they can kill Billions of people. Go to article.

Get That Up Ya Klaus Schwab

In a major blow to Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum / Climate Change cronies / New World Order puppets - whatever you want to call them, a Federal Judge has hijacked their plan to destroy the USA so they can bring in their Great Reset.

Wall Street Journal’s John Tierney discusses The Great Reset

Dan Bongino introduces this article from the WSJ, and other things showing you we are in big trouble at this time. Also discussed is digital currency and why it is a big NO NO.

Flynn/Clark - Information War, The People Are Overwhelming The [DS], We Are Taking Back Our Country

With more than 33 years of service in the United States military and current Chairman of America’s Future, General Flynn’s military career culminated as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as the nation’s highest serving military intelligence officer. After retiring from the Army in 2014 and as a private citizen, General Flynn went on to serve in a variety of business, educational, and non-profit roles, to include supporting veterans’ organizations around the country, something he continues to do today. General Flynn is a National Bestselling Author, holds three master’s degrees, and is recipient of numerous military, intelligence and law enforcement awards. The conversation begins with General Flynn discussing Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. This could start WWIII. We are in an information war and the patriots are winning. The [DS]/[WEF] are failing to bring us into the Great Reset/CBDC. The people are waking up and they are seeing the truth. We as a people need to keep pushing back, vote and overwhelm their system of cheating, we will take back America. Visit rumble for the links.

Banks, crypto lobby clash with lawmakers over Fed digital dollar

This article is a shocker, discussing more about the WSJ from John Tierney above. The digital dollar is coming unless something drastic happens.

For those who missed it, Ukraine is a country that is on the forefront and cutting edge of ‘technology’—World Economic Forum new world order technology…

Farmers in UPROAR – Netherlands to SEIZE 3000 farms to meet climate goals

This article is equally at home on the Climate Hoax page, but placed here as well as it is all linked

The Calm Before The Storm


X22 mentions this topic in the report to the right. This is part of the plan. Trump and The Military have outsmarted a 200-300 year plan that was intensified when Obama was "elected".

Locked, Task Force Eagle "We Have Great Generals", Tick Tock

26 August 2021 A great summary of where we are at and why we are winning, even though it doesn't look like it. X22report website

Patel Patriot - Everything Is Timed, Military Planning, Trump Will Most Likely Return Before 2024

Patel Patriot is the creator of the Devolution series. Patel begins the conversation discussing the devolution plan, operation warp speed was developed to counter the [DS] plan for the great reset. Trump is counting on the people to use the rule of law and decertify the elections, the battle is coming and the Truth Social will be used in the information war. Trump will most likely return before 2024.All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

Who is Q? When you are over the target, you are a threat to the truth so you will be censored, debunked and have many false fact checks created. 

Decoding Q - The Truth

Bitchute page here. Some of the information in this video will shock you.


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Australia where to now?

Australians - your politicians are openly calling for a New World Order, ever wonder who owns them?

The Disclosure and Breaking News to come with Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes & Mel K 20th September 2021

Australia is mentioned around the 27 min mark. It has something to do with this.

Legal complaints filed for Crimes Against Humanity

World Economic Forum: January 2022 Special Address by Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Scott Morrison describing Australia's past and future role in Klaus Schwab's vision for a New World Order and net-zero carbon emissions. Comments at bitchute site. He has been served - see this page.

You will own nothing and be happy

And you'll eat bugs too. Think I'm kidding?


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Telegram Posts and other articles


This post is going to be about many things not just related to The Great Reset, but also the Climate Change scam. There are too many posts coming out with too much information to dedicate just one page per article, so I am combining them all on one page. Keep an eye on this page as I will update it and note the date I added additional information. These  Telegram posts report the truth and you will not find anywhere else outside the app. 

When I first started to watch Br Bugnolo videos I was skeptical of his truth. I remember being shocked just prior to the USA 2020 election when he said the Globalists will not allow Trump to get a 2nd term.

I thought no way! Q was in operation, everything seemed going along great and then all the anons were shocked that it appeared he just walked away. This wasn't true of course having learned about Devolution and many other things, but it still sticks with me today what Bugnolo said. So I respect him and now know he speaks truth.

And I discovered a little bit more about him today so this article is the result. Your getting what he is saying in these videos will depend on your belief level and total understanding of how this world really operates.

Just because the globalist elites are embedded with Europe's economies now does not mean that if Europe collapses, so too will the globalists. The exact opposite is actually much more likely.

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David Ashton

Welcome and enjoy. At the moment some fairly nefarious people don't want you to see this information, they have Trillions of dollars at stake and everyone knowing the truth will, dare I say bankrupt them. 

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In this episode of RTV’s The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a quick look at President Joe "The Catholic" Biden’s war on "domestic terrorists," arguing that 60 years after Vatican II, "reformed" Catholics have become a threat to freedom-loving patriots everywhere.

What is “domestic terrorism”? If it is not defined by law, how is it NOT just Democrat politicians – the worst of whom claim to be Catholics – criminalizing those with whom they disagree?

Plus, why does Pope Francis’s agenda line up perfectly with that of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Joe Biden?

And why is Pope Francis choosing this pandemic moment to crack down on Traditional Catholics? Is it because of all people, Latin Mass Catholics are least likely to comply with the draconian dictates of the New Normal?

Using testimony from William F. Buckley and Michael Davies, Michael Matt explains why attacking the traditional Catholic Mass and Sacraments has always been key to the establishment of a new globalist political order, what some used to call the Reign of Antichrist.

By the way, what in the world is that image that appears over Steve Bannon’s shoulder on the set of War Room and why is it there?

And, finally, is The Great Reset just a "rad trad" conspiracy theory? If so, are Victor Davis Hanson, Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles traditional Catholics, then?

Looking at the political elite's war on God, Michael asks the question: How much worse does it have to get before mainstream Catholics realize that if civilization is to survive, every practicing Catholic must become a Traditionalist, just as every God-fearing patriot must become a true Conservative?


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What if I were to tell you that a key Council Father at Vatican II was also an honored guest speaker early on at the World Economic Forum in Davos? What if I were to also tell you that, in addition to being close to Klaus Schwab 40 years ago, this archbishop also held a secret meeting in the middle of the night under the streets of Rome to plot the downfall of the traditional Catholic Church at the close of Vatican II? Wild conspiracy theory? A plot from a Malachi Martin novel?

The thing is, it’s absolutely true, and it has everything to do with Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis, and the Great Reset. We have new video of Klaus Schwab giving it all away: the connection between Vatican II and the Great Reset.

This video is for ANYONE, Catholic or otherwise, who wants to know what in the world is going on in the Vatican and with Pope Francis’ bizarre love affair with the Globalist movers and shakers of the New World Order.

Michael Matt discusses this and so much more in this edition of The Editor’s Desk. Prepare to have the blindfold removed.


This week's episode is the recorded presentation that Michael Matt gave to the Roman Forum’s Summer Symposium in Gardone, Italy.

Michael Matt takes a deep dive into the mysterious Catacombs Pact—a signing ritual that took place 55 years ago with more than 40 Latin American bishops on the eve of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. This event, which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary at the Amazon Synod in 2019, is eerily connected to Pope Francis AND to Klaus Schwab.

The event—hailed by many as the secret founding of “Liberation Theology”—marks the moment when the Church of Vatican II vowed to become the “Church of the Poor” and to radically reorient her mission from that of the Divine Commission of Jesus Christ to the Freemasonic mission of the “Church of Accompaniment”.

Michael Matt connects dots that will blow your mind. Like and Share this video!


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