A major hat tip goes out to Derek Johnson. A true American Patriot.

You see, the problem I’ve had is trying to discern who is good and who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Being awake has it’s downsides.

Men whom I believed were being attacked by other men that I thought were good men too. Which confused the hell out of me.

So I did a Dan Bongino trick. One of his rules is to (and don’t quote this verbatim) is a 48 hour rule. He thinks, and I 100% agree it is better to be late reporting a story, than to be the first and be totally wrong.

Wise men state “don’t jump to conclusions” or “don’t judge because you don’t know all the facts”.

[I am looking to link Lyn Woods comments about General Flynn and David Whatsaname and that other guy, to confirm and expose them. Perhaps create an explainer video of this webpage and telegram posts. Also that I was sitting on the fence to see who was the black hat in the end. It looks like Flynn was the black hat as I suspected]. – delete this paragraph

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