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I concur with the French reader about Cairns News (I have previously commented on my site re this) and have posted this to demonstrate that we ARE having a “Great Awakening”. The world is now just a small interconnected village due to the internet and satellites. Atrocities went unreported prior to these great technologies, but now we all can see all and hear all. A Frenchman reading something from Australia is just the tip of the iceberg.

The video posted at bitchute will also wake you up if you haven’t already. Anyone reading this site or Cairns News dare I say already is awake so please share. No corrections to grammar has been done.

David Ashton webmaster

Letter to the Editor

I read you every day from France. Without doubt one of the best and clever blog online today.

I would like to thank you for your gigantic work and fortitude. Your synthesis in all subjects, even the most complicated are always brilliant.

I wish you may recover from the difficulties in health and be pride with your fathers about your action in these harsh times.

Thank you again.

( i have tried to explain some kind of metaphysical background under the covid operation, hope you you will find some useful information in it:

Best regards, with respect and friendship,

from Ravid,


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