I sent the following email to the marketing department of this great product on the 28 November 2022, to which at time of writing there has been no reply. “Crickets” so to speak.



I’ve been meaning to write in for some time about the TV Advertisement made on the Glen 20 product claims.

I love Glen 20 and use it all the time.

I searched and found the advertisement was uploaded on Youtube at Feb 12, 2021 so you know which one I am referring to. (screenshot below).

However, I believe you may have participated in false advertising around the claims about Covid 19. But I am happy for you to prove me wrong.

Seeing that many Countries Health Departments have been sued (I have receipts for all this) and they have been unable to provide proof of what the Covid 19 virus looks like, I’d like to see your laboratory tests results of how you identified the Covid 19 virus when no one else has been able to.

See this story (screenshot embedded below) https://www.eutimes.net/2021/04/breaking-irish-government-admits-covid-19-is-a-fake-hoax-scam-which-does-not-even-exist/

I assume you are the marketing department and are always looking to make some extra money, so please read on.

Jamie McIntyre needs some help, as he is offering anyone in the main stream media $5 million dollars to (link to view full story underneath) :

The Australian National Review is happy to offer a $5 million challenge, to any mainstream media news network in the world, to put up $5 million and prove the 5 million Covid deaths claimed to scare hapless, and gullible citizens, who were foolish enough to trust you, despite now knowing you were being paid to push vaccine propaganda, that Covid was a Global Pandemic, and needed everyone to take a “safe, effective, and necessary deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine”.


I can see you maybe can help the MSM – perhaps you know someone so you can share part of the reward money? Because you obviously have the results showing there is a virus, and those hopeless Irish Officials can’t.

Anyway, all this will also help me maintain my belief in your good product.

If you ignore me / fob me off I will have to seek guidance from the advertising authority https://www.acma.gov.au/ and get their thoughts. I’m sure they will not need to be involved when the test results are shown to me that Glen 20 does in fact destroy the Covid 19 virus.

It would be interesting to see what this dastardly virus looks like. I know of many scientists that are trying to locate it too.

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

all the best
David Ashton
Concerned Citizen of Australia.

FireShot Capture 139 – Glen 20 Product Usage_ Soft Surfaces – YouTube – www.youtube.com.png

New Complaint Received by Ad Standards

Seeing I hadn’t heard back from the Glen 20 mob – “crickets” so to speak, I contacted “Ad Standards on the 19 December 2022”. Here is the proof I did this:

And to “Ad Standards” credit, I got a quick same day reply. It was an easy “get out of jail” answer, because they could pass the buck and didn’t have to make a hard, tough decision. “Whew” I reckon they were thinking.

So I’ll keep you posted on the next update. Because this is around Christmas time, it will most likely be 2023 before I get a response. I’m guessing I’ll be labelled a lunatic and my complaint ignored.

I am just having a bit of fun and don’t care of the outcome, but they did poke the bear which I warned everyone about back in July 2021.

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