It is hard to tell truth from fiction. I will place links below to other pages on this website related to this topic. I am not sure this information war being conducted between the US Military and the entire cabal / illuminati is easier than World War II. At least back then they knew who was their enemy, but it is frustrating not knowing who to shoot at. The posts linked below at the foot of this article, especially when looking at the Devolution page, proves that we are winning, ever so slowly yet I can’t believe most of the world’s population are still asleep. I certainly hope the 10 secrets start before the Netherlands election.

David Ashton

The globalist coalition government of “conservative” Mark Rutte has collapsed, prompting new elections in the fall or winter. Different factions were at odds over migrants and refugees.

Rutte’s desire to limit migrants and refugees was his last conservative thought. Otherwise, he has been a diligent pawn of the Globalist Elite Cabal since assuming office 13 years ago. It’s ironic that his downfall finally came when he was finally trying to do something positive for his nation.

Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek is thrilled.

BREAKING: the Dutch government has COLLAPSED. FINALLY. After 10+ years of Mark Rutte’s globalist destruction policies, we now have a real chance of getting our country back. From what I can tell about the situation now, I think the actual fall of the cabinet itself is all for show. The ‘disagreement’ about immigration that they’re mentioning as the deciding factor, is not the real issue, because all government parties are in favour of more mass migration, including Mark Rutte’s VVD. Rutte just seems to think that he can trick the Dutch people into believing that he actually wants a stricter immigration policy this time around, and he thinks he can get re-elected again if he makes these false new promises. Do not fall for it. We cannot let him win again. If the Dutch people stop falling for his lies and get rid of him and his globalist policies once and for all, we can actually turn things around, stop the expropriation of our farmers, push back on immigration, and take back our national sovereignty from organisations like the EU and the WEF. In other words, this is a massive opportunity for us. Let’s pray that enough people have woken up and will actually vote for change this time. We will not get a second chance.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek full words in the above tweet (just in case it is censored)

Here is the news article generated from reports from the Netherlands.

The Dutch government has collapsed after failing to reach an agreement on immigration restrictions, leading to new elections scheduled for the fall.

The crisis arose from Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative VVD party’s push to limit the influx of asylum seekers to the Netherlands, a proposition that two of the four-party government coalition refused to support.

During a televised news conference, Rutte stated, “It’s no secret that the coalition partners have differing opinions about immigration policy. Today we unfortunately have to conclude that those differences have become insurmountable. Therefore, I will tender the resignation of the entire cabinet to the king.”

Tensions escalated this week when Rutte sought backing for a proposal to restrict the entry of children from war refugee backgrounds who are already in the Netherlands and to implement a waiting period of at least two years before families can be reunited.

The small Christian Union and liberal D66 parties opposed the proposal, leading to a deadlock.

Rutte’s coalition will remain as a caretaker government until a new administration is formed after the upcoming elections. In the fragmented Dutch political landscape, the process of forming a new government typically takes several months.

According to the national elections committee, elections are projected to take place no earlier than mid-November, as reported by the ANP news agency.

As a caretaker government, Rutte’s administration cannot make decisions on new policies. However, Rutte assured that it would not impact the country’s support for Ukraine.

The Netherlands already has one of Europe’s strictest immigration policies. Nevertheless, under pressure from right-wing parties, Rutte had been attempting to find ways to further reduce the inflow of asylum seekers for months.

Last year, asylum applications in the Netherlands increased by a third, surpassing 46,000. The government anticipates that the number could exceed 70,000 this year, surpassing the previous peak in 2015.

This surge in asylum applications will strain the country’s reception facilities, where hundreds of refugees were forced to sleep outdoors without adequate access to water, sanitation, or healthcare for months last year.

Rutte expressed his “shame” about the situation last year when Médecins Sans Frontières sent a team to the Netherlands for the first time to assist with the medical needs of migrants at the asylum processing center.

He pledged to improve conditions at the facilities, primarily by reducing the number of refugees arriving in the Netherlands. However, he failed to secure the support of coalition partners who believed his policies went too far.

Rutte, who is 56 years old, holds the record for the longest-serving government leader in Dutch history. He is also the most senior leader in the EU after Hungary’s Viktor Orban. It is expected that Rutte will lead his VVD party once again in the upcoming elections.

The current coalition, which came into power in January 2022, is Rutte’s fourth consecutive administration since he assumed the position of prime minister in October 2010.

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  1. StarGladiator  2 days ago Rutte, also long–time member of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF) —- difficult to find a member of the Dutch gov’t, or any Dutch mayors, who are not WEF members —– why the citizens are so beseiged! Shutting down 3,000 farms —- brilliant self—destruction by Rutte’s despicable administration!!!Reply
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