Published on Nov 2, 2013
This is the testimony of Mark Cleminson, who was brought up in an Illuminati family and was being groomed for evil. But God called him out and He now follows the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the amazing truths he reveals and the things the Lord did for him.

You tube original link is below.

Article updated 2 November 2022

I’ve reviewed this page today and discovered that screwtube had deleted the original video. Of course it did!! Anything true against their narrative cannot remain on their platform, in true communist style.

I’ve searched bitchute for the original video so have linked it below plus one additional one.

I have now backed up with my own copies should bitchute ever become a tyrant like screwtube or just be unavailable in the future. Let me know via support if I haven’t discovered this and uploaded them again.

David Ashton webmaster

The second video added 2 November 2022 about Mark Cleminson

Description: Mark Cleminson grew up in the household of William Booth of the Salvation Army & high degree mason / Illuminists (Illuminati) who maintained a veneer Christianity. Through the household of William Booth, Mark was raised by the Jesuits in the Himalayan Mystery Schools. There he was taught transcendental meditation whereby he mastered levitation, moving of objects with his mind etc.

Using metaphysics Mark manipulated his customers with demonic whisperings to get decisions that he wanted. Meanwhile he becomes involved in major global think tanks. Meanwhile Mark is groomed for a major position in a global company involved with mobile devices.

Starting to read his Bible, Mark starts to abandon the White Lodges (pure knowledge) and secret societies come for Marks life. Mark believes as did Mark’s masonic dad that he was allowed to live by the power of the Creator himself.

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