Could this explain the unAustralian like action of the “Police” lately?

Police are meant to protect and serve the fellow Australians. They also have the authority to arrest anyone, including Politicians and unelected buffoons.

Why aren’t they doing it? Shooting unarmed citizens in the back with Rubber Bullets? Hint: in the back. Does that mean they are heading towards you or away from you?

Some of this information is unconfirmed, but when you put all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, it makes sense.

This video is about recording some webpages to preserve them and because they don’t print easily you can read them better direct from the video.

So lets start at the beginning, with some interesting legislation about allowing foreigners to come here without liability for their actions.

Screenshot of a website in the above video, with the 3 pages visited in the same video saved below as pdf’s.

Did the AFP use this weapon against Australians in Canberra?

Yes most definitely.

Read the Telegram post coming up next.

New World Order Troops. There is no way Aussies would do this to fellow Aussies.

The Police and AFP need to act now because they are all about to be fired and replaced with these Tyrants.

No Telegram account? Video is available below and this was the video I mentioned today in my own recording. I would have loved to include it but no matter, it is below:

It looks like these are the thugs doing all the Tyrannical things to Aussies. Why hasn’t our real Police arrested them?

Video posted below. Note it is unlisted at Screw Tube.

The following is about Jamie McIntyre the “Rent Out Your Shares” guy

Rumble backup of the video

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