I’ve mentioned in other articles that Australia is owned by the United States, sold to them by Gough Whitlam. CIC Trump dissolved the United States Corporation and owns the Stock Exchange, which by default now owns Australia.

This is all a movie you are in, as the US Military takes down the cabal that has been overtaking the world since the French Revolution.

The below two Telegram Posts reveal why the so called medical personnel who are meant to care for patients and not kill them are in big trouble.

This article will be updated with links and the proof that is already available at this website.

David Ashton
Screenshot backup of telegram post
Screenshot backup of telegram post

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Telegram Post added 19 July 2023 – USA leading the way – will eventually funnel down to Australia (remember we are owned by the USA)

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Prepare to be shocked with this next story, which fully justifies everything I have said on this page.

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Trial Date Set in Landmark Lawsuit on Medical Killing and Informed Consent


Overton & Associates

July 18, 2023, 14:00 GMT

More than 100 Schara supporters packed the courtroom for a crucial hearing in Schara v. Ascension Health et al.

Before the hearing, Schara supporters peaceably assembled outside the courthouse to pray together

Following Defense’s Failed Motion to Dismiss, Schara v. Ascension Health et al. Scheduled for Three Week Trial Coinciding with the 2024 Presidential Election

“This bellwether case is about something much bigger than mere malpractice—and its impact will reverberate nationally.”

— Scott Schara

FREEDOM, WISCONSIN, USA, July 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A standing-room only crowd packed the Outagamie County Circuit Courthouse in Appleton, WI last Friday for a make-or-break hearing on the fate of a bellwether case with national, and increasingly political, ramifications. At stake was an issue of life or death: should healthcare workers have the right to unilaterally, and with limited liability, label patients as “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR), effectively killing them under the pretense of “Standards of Care” protocols?

The nationally-watched wrongful death suit, Schara v. Ascension Health et al. (Case Number 2023CV000345), alleges that Appleton’s Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital bears responsibility for the death of the plaintiff’s daughter, Grace Schara—a 19-year-old with Down syndrome—who was killed on October 13, 2021 after medical personnel fraudulently labeled her as a DNR patient, administered a combination of lethal and unnecessary drugs, and then refused the pleas of the patient’s family to perform life-saving measures such as CPR.

The lawsuit names Ascension Health, five medical doctors, four John Doe medical providers, two registered nurses, and the WI Injured Patients and Family Compensation Fund as defendants.

A critical moment in the case, Friday’s hearing saw the defense motion to dismiss the wrongful death charges, arguing that the plaintiff’s claim should be subsumed under medical malpractice—so as to best limit their liability. The defense also motioned to dismiss Schara’s request for a declaratory judgement regarding the illegal DNR, arguing that “the issue is moot, because Grace Schara, the subject of the order, is deceased.”

As more than 100 supporters of the Schara family watched from the crowded courtroom, Judge Mark J. McGinnis granted neither motion—instead electing to set a fast-track date for a three week jury trial. Schara v. Ascension Health et al. will begin trial on November 4th, 2024, just one day before the 2024 Presidential Election.

“This bellwether case is about something much bigger than mere malpractice, and its impact will reverberate nationally,” says Scott Schara, the plaintiff and father of the disabled teenager killed by the defendants. “Our goal is simple: save lives. That’s why this case is first about the lack of informed consent—a battery—leading to negligence and malpractice, which then resulted in wrongful death. Moreover, this case is about protecting the public from doctors unilaterally placing DNR orders on patients. If we would have had informed consent, Grace would be with us today.”

Before the COVID era, medical malpractice was America’s third leading cause of death; during the COVID era, malpractice has skyrocketed to the nation’s number one cause of death, outpacing even heart disease and cancer.

“The defense doesn’t even bother to hide their cowardly motive,” says OVERTON & ASSOCIATES Founder Andrew Lohse. “Their motion to dismiss cited the Wisconsin Legislature’s statutory ‘scheme’—their word—to limit liability for doctors so as to attract unaccountable healthcare conglomerates to the state. This dangerous ‘scheme’ openly targets citizens with medical murder, and then actively denies them justice when murder takes place. Once awoken to this chilling reality, all Americans will reject it and join our movement for accountability.”

Schara adds, “when a gunman shoots to kill on a city street, he is locked up until his court date. But when a medical worker takes a life through supposed ‘malpractice,’ she is permitted to continue the same dangerous behavior—with the protection of a warped legal system that denies justice for victims. Do corporate hospitals believe they have the right to play God?”

As intense national debate continues to heat up around the existential issues of informed consent, medical malfeasance, deceptive pharmaceutical marketing, and involuntary euthanasia targeting the elderly and disabled, the eyes of America will no doubt increasingly turn to the small township of Freedom, WI—population 6,200—where a David vs. Goliath effort to spotlight these crimes and save lives has coalesced into a national movement.

The blockbuster three week jury trial for Schara v. Ascension et al. is set to begin on Monday, November 4th, 2024. On the trial’s second day, Americans will head to the polls to cast their vote for our next president—in a campaign that is already increasingly defined by key issues of medical freedom.

For more information about the landmark lawsuit Scott Schara v. Ascension Health et al. and Scott Schara’s media availability, please contact Andrew Lohse at andrew@overtonandassociates.com.

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