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Wow! Real America’s Voice just did a full 15 minute segment about President Trump exposing satanic pedophile rings!!!

Anna Perez believes that the FBI raid yesterday was a threat to DJT to get him to back off his fight against exposing wealthy, elite pedophiles, because of the Epstein linked judge who approved the raid 👀

This is a topic that nobody will touch. Well done Anna Perez, David Brody & Real America’s Voice 👏🏼

Time to expose the crimes against humanity…

What is Adrenochrome?

Lara Logan triples down on dropping red pills about adrenochrome, secret societies using filmed blackmail of crimes against children, and how Newsmax silencing her shows their true colors. Boom.

Lara Logan’s Red Pilling the world about Adrenochrome: small clip of full version

Lara said she was so busy with Benghazi, that she ignored PizzaGate until a decade later and discovered the symbols on the FBI website. When you look at the symbol for Comet Pizza it’s identical to man/boy love. This doesn’t prove anything, but it’s the basis to start asking tough questions and demanding real answers.

Full version of above video below:

Jim Caviezel is also Red Pilling the world about Adrenochrome

On the 5th November 2022, X22 brought to everyone’s attention the plight of celebrities. Kanye West was mentioned today by Brian Cates and We The Media. What if celebrities like Heath Ledger wanted out so they take them out? He isn’t in the photos for the “Black Eye Club” but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t controlled.
Kanye is going through some fairly corrupt shit right now. Cancel culture is exposing themselves for all to see. Keep going, we are going to come for you.
This comment added 24 November 2022, Kanye has been freed. See this new video.

David Ashton webmaster
Brian Cates ️️️@BrianCates
Holy crap.
Ye confirms what we all already knew.
They drugged him to the gills to make him compliant and obedient.
But now that he’s broken free they are threatening to do it again.
Only this time…
How many H’wood stars have they done this shit to?
Besides Britney Spears?

Obama and Clooney – what is going on here?

Tom Hanks arrested?

Kanye West has been freed 24 November 2022

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