How the Abbasid Empire created Islam, Muhammad & Mecca in the 8th Century

This documentary which is an amazing collection of historical information gathered by Islamic Scholars during the last 100 years is a must watch for Christian clergy and those who have a college degree. Though it is highly technical, throughout, it presents the historically verifiable evidence which demonstrates that the Islamic religion is a myth created by an empire, and that the Islamic Muhammad never existed. — Knowing these facts is essential for Christians involved in bringing the truth of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. — St. Hildegard of Bingen said that in the end, all Islam will convert to Christ. Sharing the information such as is contained in this documentary is the way forward. Source videos at youtube.

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Videos 1 - 3

The Search for Muhammad - Episode 1

How can we trust the Qur’an? -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 2

The Senseless Compilation of the Qur’an -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 3

Videos 4 - 8

The Qur'an is in the Wrong Language! - The Search for Muhammad - Episode 4

Muhammad lived in the south - in the cities of Mecca and Medina - where the first Qur'an was supposedly revealed to him. Yet, several versions of the Qur'an were not written in the Arabic of the south, but of the north. This leaves the Qur'an written not only many hundreds of miles removed from the origin place of Islam but also hundreds of years too late.

There is no Muhammad? -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 5

Muhammad is credited with declaring that no images should be put on currency, yet 7th-century coins reveal a different history having nothing to do with Muhammad or Islam.

Again, we have information based on tradition rather than fact. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay break down the real truth behind the imagery of coins in the Middle East which prompts more doubt of Muhammad's actual existence.

Islam Did Not Exist Until Long After Muhammad? -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 6

Rock inscriptions also tell a different story.

Rock inscriptions with Islamic history are too far north and in the wrong language. The messages echo the truth of the coin history revealing Islam’s origin had nothing to do with the prophet Muhammad. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay continue to propose the real root of Islam- politics and power.

The Caliphate Delusion: “Rightly Guided Caliphs” Never Existed! -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 7

The great characters of Islam have actually no historical footing. The evidence of their existence is sparse, reworked, or simply without foundation. This lack of evidence also undermines any fragment of credibility of the first canon of the Qur’an. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay continue discussing the devastating flaws surrounding the emergence of Islam.

Mecca is a Dreamland!? -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 8

Muhammad’s experiences seem to copycat Biblical characters’ in order to prop him up as a credible prophet while Mecca, according to Muslim tradition is recognized as the oldest city in history and a giant in trade, falters by having no historical mention or proof of existence until the 8th century.

Not only is its existence absent from early historical records, its location is also incorrect according to tradition.

Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay review the false histories of Muhammad and Mecca.

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Videos 9 - 10

Fraud! Muhammad’s Ashtiname Letter is an 800-Year-Old Fraud -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 9

A famous letter supposedly written by Muhammed is proven to be a fraud. Symbolism, titles, and architecture observed in the letter show that its creation was much later than what tradition demands. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay continue their quest to find any evidence of the real Muhammad’s existence.

Debunked! The Constitution of Medina is a Legend -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 10

The Constitution of Medina, which is regarded as a model for all mankind, cannot stand up to historical criticisms. With its many versions comes not only great doubt of its accuracy or original existence, but it also has contradictory rules concerning the treatment of Jewish peoples when compared to the Sira and the Hadith’s guidelines. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay discuss the fraudulent nature of this traditional document.



Videos 11 - 16

Muslims are DESPERATE to Prove Muhammad’s Existence! -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 11

The Doctrina of Iacobi proves to be a desperate reach from Muslims to prove Muhammad’s existence. With Christian references and the script written in the wrong language, there is little this document does to recommend itself to even belong to Islam - let alone to prove Muhammad’s authenticity. Watch Al Fadi and Dr. Jay discuss the baseless details of the Doctrina of Iacobi.

Is Muhammad Even in the Qur’an!? -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 12

Why does the Qur’an barely mention its most significant prophet? Perhaps it isn’t referring to Muhammad at all. Other characters are mentioned far more often, so what does this say about Islam’s founder? Watch Al Fadi and Dr. Jay continue to debunk historical documents meant to prove Muhammad’s existence in the 7th century as traditional demands.

No Proof of Muhammad on The Dome of the Rock -The Search for Muhammad - Episode 13

The Dome of the Rock is considered the most holy site in Islam and the origin of Muhammad’s revelation with Allah, yet its walls contain no inscriptions or historical records of this paramount event. Why would this colossal occurrence have no record at its revered original location? Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay discuss the truths revealed by this ancient structure.

Muhammad Was A Christian? - The Search for Muhammad - Episode 14

The man named Muhammad that holds all the traditional beliefs of Muslims was not actually the Muhammad they believe him to be. The 7th century Muhammad was a Christian Arab whose life took him to the North away from the Mecca Medina area where so much tradition is placed. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay reveal the historical inaccuracies of the Muhammad Islam is based upon.

Mecca is Insignificant - The Search for Muhammad - Episode 15

Mecca is regarded as the historical center of Islam and its traditions, yet Mecca is only a shadow of the great northern city of Petra which was the religious center in the ancient world. Likewise, the Islamic pilgrimage was also simply a copy of Petra’s religious practices while the Qur’anic Arabic also proves to originate in Petra. These facts again point to the many discrepancies of the Islamic traditions which are based much too far south than the historical data allows. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay discuss the historical significance of Petra and the historical insignificance of Mecca.

Muhammad Is A Fraud - The Search for Muhammad - Episode 16

Al Fadi and Dr. Jay wrap up the series by discussing the political creation of Muhammad and Islam. Watch as they review and debunk the historical documents, locations, and dating of Islamic traditions based on historical data. In every respect, Muhammad appears to be only a vessel functioning to recreate Arab history and identity conceived by Abbasid to triumph over his enemies and establish his regime. Muhammad, the prophet, simply does not stand up to historical testing and is proven to be a fraud.

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