As reported in previous posts about how US Politicians line their pockets with money laundering book deals, it begs the question how do the Australian Politicians do it?

How does Scott Morrison, reportedly have a net worth of $52 million? Look at their annual wages, it just doesn’t add up. Something fishy is going on, and I reckon this article uncovers it further. Further? This article is being written in March 2022 and I knew about this in 2019 (see above link about Ukraine corruption), but knew something was up in 2014. The numbers just don’t fit their narratives.

The US Pollies use Humanitarian Aid to launder their money, so what does Australian Foreign Aid do then? I remember thinking at the time when Julie Bishop was still in Politics, her sending foreign aid over to a Country that hated us.

I laughed at a meme issued around the same time (when I was on Fakebook) saying “let them hate us for free”. So a little search today didn’t find this one but I found a few other interesting ones.

Speaking about Julie Bishop then, isn’t it interesting that she owns a company that produces Covid19 home tests.

Rumble backup: These are two videos loading and running on the “Inside the glamorous world of Australia’s instant rapid antigen test millionaires” article. They are full of bullshit – just so you know before you watch them.

If you think the Pandemic was real, then you need to go to a mental institution. Here’s a small snippet of why it was fake. NB: How do you patent something 3 years PRIOR to the pandemic? Because it was a Plandemic.

Video is below

No telegram? No problem. Video saved below.

So back to Scott Morrison, how did he get so rich?

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Update added 5th January 2024

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