This ruling is not about the tyrannical covid jabs, it is about a vaccination prior to the fake plandemic that was forced onto someone. They refused, got fired so they sued them and won. In fact I used this court decision, sent my employer this link and they shut up real fast. You can do the same.

David Ashton

Australian Member of Parliament, Tanya Davis, is reading from a ruling that was just handed down from Fair Work Commission’s decision that declares mandatory jabs as a condition of employment to be against the law. The ruling states that politicians pushing for mandatory “vaccinations” are not doing so to protect public health.

This ruling can effectively have the effect of ending Covid-Tyranny in Australia, and hopefully be the first legal victory that’ll initiate a domino effect that will bring this nightmare to an end around the world.

This is HUGE, Patriots.
Let’s make it go VIRAL

We Are The News Now, so let’s do our duty


A small victory, but a victory nonetheless!

Hallelujah and MARANATHA!!

pdf version of the fwc commission

Update added 23 August 2022

Update 31 December 2022

Unlike the MSM we report corrections and don’t hide it somewhere where people generally don’t read it. The following Telegram post advising the 28 December 2022 story was FAKE was received today January 3, 2023. So I decided to leave the original update intact, so you know all the following information about C19 is FAKE NEWS. The original one above about the other vaccine is still 100% TRUE. So you can still sue your employer.

David Ashton January 3, 2023
The original story – now known as FAKE News
This story is now known as FAKE News

Don’t bother to download this as it is FAKE.

Update added 8 January 2023- can’t believe Coles and Telstra are so stupid

The Telegram Post that led me to this article.
The Letter sent to Coles by the Senator
The video from Bill Gates mentioned in the article is stored at Fakebook, now saved here as a backup
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