You won’t hear American media talk about this because they don’t want you to know. Even in Germany, media and government are trying to bury it, but the truth is starting to come out.

by JD Rucker   April 15, 2022  in Podcasts

It’s extremely challenging to get accurate medical data in the United States, especially as it pertains to emergency services. The various databases and tracking services have been conspicuously late in reporting ever since Covid-19 hit the world. A conspiracy-minded person might come to the conclusion that our government is trying to hide something from us.

They would be correct in coming to that conclusion.

In Germany, there is better tracking and a new report raises serious questions about the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccines. As expected, neither the German government nor their corporate media apparatus are raiding those questions, but the people responding to emergencies are calling for a suspension of vaccine mandates after a new report shows a dramatic increase in heart problems and strokes ever since the jabs were rolled out.

The report, which compared data from 2018 through the end of 2021, is extremely telling. Compared to the 2018/19 average, there was a massive increase of 31.2 percent for heart problems and 27.4 percent for strokes. This is more than double the increase in 2020 before the vaccines were unleashed on the world.

According to a translation from German news outlet Berliner-Zeitung:

The number of rescue operations by the Berlin fire brigade involving the keywords heart problems and stroke rose sharply in 2021. This emerges from the response of the Senate Interior Administration to a request from the SPD MP Robert Schaddach. Here it says: “The aim of the inquiry is to determine the number of deployments by the Berlin fire brigade with regard to heart problems and strokes over the past four years.”

Under the keywords “heart complaints / implanted defibrillator” and “chest pain / other chest complaints”, the number of logged missions in 2021 increased by 31 percent compared to the average values ​​from 2018/2019 to a total of 43,806 missions. The number of logged deployments under the keywords “stroke / transient ischemic (TIA) attack” increased by 27 percent compared to the average values ​​from 2018/2019 to a total of 13,096 deployments.

It is believed by many doctors and scientists, most of whom have been silenced and censored, that both Covid-19 and more acutely the vaccines associated with the disease cause long-term adverse reactions in the circulatory system that can result in heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, and pericarditis, among others. These ailments seem to be most prevalent in younger adults and even children, sparking speculation that the spike proteins in both Covid-19 and the jabs are causing microclots across the body.

This would help explain why young and otherwise healthy athletes have been falling ill and even dying at alarming rates since the jabs were rolled out.

As Berliner-Zeitung noted, groups within Berlin’s emergency services departments are demanding the vaccine mandates be halted until they can rule them out as the cause of the health issues:

The fire brigade community in Berlin, an association of hundreds of firefighters who are critical of vaccinations, says it has “taken note of with great interest” the request from SPD MP Robert Schaddach. A spokesman for the fire brigade community told the Berliner Zeitung: “Such rates of increase need to be explained.” It is striking that “the total numbers of heart problems and strokes in 2018 and 2019 are relatively close together. In 2020, a first increase compared to the 2018/19 average of 12.4 percent for heart problems and 12.9 percent for strokes can be observed. In 2021 there will be a second, even higher increase. Compared to the 2018/19 average, this more massive increase is then 31.2 percent for heart problems and 27.4 percent for strokes.

For the year 2020 it could “still seem plausible that an ominous combination of the emergence of a new type of virus and the introduction of unprecedented measures with all collateral damage led to a tragic increase in the numbers”. The spokesman continues: “For the year 2021, however, another unknown factor seems to have been added, which again significantly increases the previous increase.” In addition, when comparing the age groups, it is noticeable that “the highest rates of increase occur precisely in the age groups who are not commonly understood as vulnerable groups with regard to the Covid-19 disease”.

With regard to the “conspicuousness of the increases, it must be checked whether there is a causal connection with the side effects of the corona vaccine, which are increasingly becoming the focus of media attention,” according to the fire brigade community. With regard to the “obligatory vaccinations according to IfSG, which the management of the authorities indiscriminately apply to all members of the Berlin fire brigade”, the request from the fire brigade community’s point of view “represents an excellent opportunity to completely rule out such a connection – if scientifically sound evidence is available – and thus to break down reservations”.

Therefore, the fire brigade community “emphatically calls on the management of the Berlin fire brigade to carry out a scientific and open-ended investigation of a possible connection in cooperation with the experts from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Paul Ehrlich Institute ( to initiate PEI). The institutions addressed could also “check whether the observations made in Berlin can be transferred across Germany”.

Should such an investigation “not be initiated despite the unanswered questions in view of the data brought to light”, “there would have to be equally valid reasons for this, especially taking into account the safety of the citizens and the members of the Berlin fire brigade”.

Until the completion of “any investigations” and “the availability of corresponding scientifically based evidence that clearly rules out a causal connection”, the fire brigade community is now “emphatically demanding a suspension for all affected members of the respective professions – including and especially beyond the fire brigade the implementation of the area-related vaccination obligation”.

On the latest episode of End Medical Tyranny, I explained why this is not just a random phenomenon and should be considered as directly caused by the vaccines until that can be proven wrong… which it almost certainly cannot. It would be a once-in-a-century coincidence for such a massive increase in blood-related emergencies to correlate directly with the roll out of experimental drugs that operate directly in the blood.

Governments, including Germany’s and America’s, will not accept such an outcome. They will do whatever they can to subvert the truth and gaslight the people until they achieve their goal of injecting every man, woman, and child on earth. It truly is a conspiracy and the people must stand by those demanding answers.

As expected, the German government is already making excuses. As the article noted:

In another question, the SPD politician wants to know from the Senate administration: “How is a possible change in the number of operations with regard to strokes (stroke symptoms less than 12 hours) evaluated from the point of view of the Berlin fire brigade?” The answer: “Regarding possible changes in With regard to the frequency of use of the main complaint log ‘stroke / transient ischemic (TIA) attack’ in the standardized emergency call query, reference is made to the answer to question 2, which also applies analogously to these case groups.”

The Senate Administration also reports that “requests for medical assistance when answering an emergency call are queried using the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS)”. “As part of this standardized emergency call query with MPDS, symptoms are assigned to a leading main complaint. This is done on the basis of emergency medical criteria. The ‘heart complaint’ can be characterized by various symptoms.” Therefore, “the selection of the reason for the alarm on the basis of MPDS does not represent a conclusive diagnosis”. And further: “Against this background, it cannot be concluded that the complaints described were actually ‘heart problems’ or that there was another illness.”

At what point will more people wake up to the reality that we’re all being lied to by the powers-that-be? The old adage of “question everything” has never been more necessary than today. Governments and their proxies in the media are running cover for the true agenda, one that should greatly concern everyone whether they’re vaccinated or not. This isn’t just a matter of staying healthy and thereby jab-free. It’s about how the angst of the people will manifest once the jabs start having even more notable effects.

There is no merit badge given to those of us who have been right about the jabs. We will be scorned almost as much as the perpetrators of this heinous scam. We will be blamed for being prudent as an unhinged populace starts to feel victimized. They won’t congratulate us. They will hate us even more than they hate us today.

It’s imperative that we spread the word. Some scientists have speculated that the adverse reactions from the jab are cumulative, so if we can prevent even the vaccinated from getting more boosters, we may be able to help them recover from whatever it is that has been injected into their bodies. When the chaos starts, and it will, we will need allies because right now the vaccinated outnumber the unvaccinated and they have the weight of the government behind them.

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