Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin interview Feb 11, 2022

Summary (Full transcript below): In an emergency broadcast, Dr. David Martin joined the Stew Peters Show on Friday to expose the real reason why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing to negotiate with his constituents on the Canadian bioweapon mandates.

Stew Peters stated that in April of 2020, Martin highlighted a quote from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he stated “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this.”

With no evidence that a vaccine has ever been successful since Pfizer’s first Coronavirus spike protein vaccine patented in 1990, this statement was unfounded. What Trudeau didn’t tell his Canadian constituents or the world was that Canada controlled the mRNA vaccine platform and was destined to become enriched by both Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with BioNTech.

Trudeau knew that the gene therapy being promoted as a “vaccine” was an economic win for Canada and therefore Trudeau’s Canada had the monopoly on the world’s adoption of mRNA gene therapy shots. He wasn’t promoting science, he was promoting the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy illegally promoted as a vaccine.

“Canada has a bad history of this,” Dr. David Martin told Stew Peters. “We’ve had our Kent States, and we’ve had our situations when the legal and then military actions taken against citizens end very badly.”

“These people wrote this because they knew tyrants would be here one day, and look, here they are,” Stew Peters told Dr. Martin, regarding the clear instruction given by the U.S. Constitution as to how Americans are to deal with a runaway tyrannical government.

Some people mentioned in this interview are going to get the following treatment down the track – if they are found guilty. Most likely this will be a YES.

Transcript of the Stew Peters / Dr. David Martin interview.

Stew Peters
Of course as you know, some of the biggest stories are the ones that are left untold by a completely dishonest media. The majority of Americans and global citizens really, that rely on television news to keep them informed are being led to their own slaughter. And the criminally complicit media is profiting for every one of your kids that they kill. It’s not hyperbolic. That’s true. That’s fact. That’s why it’s important that we stay right here focused on the truth saving lives in the name of Jesus. No matter what weapons are formed against us. And no matter how hard the demonic cabal tries to come down on us, but aside from not reporting the truth, the mainstream outlets are actually going out of their way to subvert truth by attacking the messengers of truth. Dr. David Martin knows an awful lot about that. He was the subject of an attempted campaign to discredit a statement that he previously made about Prime Minister Justin Castro Trudeau. But the fact is Dr. Martin has indisputable evidence to back his statements, which then of course, those same outlets completely ignored. Intentionally spiked and refused to report. Martin highlighted that on April 9 2020, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said quote, normality as it was before, will not come back full on until we get a vaccine for this, referring to the alleged pandemic. What with no evidence that a vaccine has ever been successful since Pfizer’s first Coronavirus spike protein vaccine patented in 1990. The statement was unfounded. According to Dr. David Martin, what he didn’t tell Canada or the world was that Canada controlled the mRNA vaccine platform and was going to be enriched by both Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with bio Entech. He already knew that the gene therapy being promoted as a vaccine was an economic win for Canada and therefore Trudeau’s Canada had the monopoly on the world adoption of mRNA gene therapy shots. He wasn’t promoting science. He was promoting the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy illegally promoted as a vaccine. This is why he’s not going to back down to truckers or anyone because he’s running an illegal monopoly. He’s a criminal, not a concerned leader. Dr. David Martin joins us now this is why Trudeau is refusing to negotiate with anyone no matter how significant the pressure becomes.

Dr. David Martin 2:32
You know, Stew it’s a fascinating story because a lot of people sit there and think, you know, isn’t it almost constitutionally assumed that when the citizens have a complaint, there’s a right to redress? Like that’s kind of heart and soul of the way we think of modern democracies. And apparently when we can overthrow people in the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, we can do that but apparently when it’s in North America, and apparently when it is monopoly rights for corporations and their criminal conspiring governments, apparently it’s apparently not democratic. But you’re exactly right. This is a situation where the illogic of his statements where he says he’s not even going to consider that complaints about the mandates. kind of falls on its face as implausible until you realize this never was about injecting people for their health. This was about maintaining an illegal monopoly. And the reason why we’re calling it an illegal monopoly Stew, is because it’s price fixing. One of the reasons why we have anti monopoly laws is that it is illegal to set a price where you manage what is supposed to be competition. And the fact of the matter is Arbutus and Acuitas Pharmaceuticals the two companies derived from the University of British Columbia’s research that developed the lipid nanoparticle, which makes mRNA work. Those companies both receive the technology from Canada. Without Canada there is no injection. And the fact of the matter is they get paid from both cookie jars. That was illegal in the turn of the last century here in the United States. And it is illegal anywhere where you have a monopoly control of a global market.

Stew Peters 4:18
Does an entity exist that can arrest Justin Trudeau and hold him criminally liable for these actions? I mean, this is clear.

Dr. David Martin 4:24
Yeah. And that’s part of the reason why this is such an important conversation today. Right now. Courts are meeting on both sides of the border to enforce his despotic commands as well as provincial commands to try to rein in these people who are peacefully protesting. The problem with both of those things is the courts are being now railroaded into the participation in the criminal conspiracy but the fact of the matter is, this is felony violations of the law. This is domestic coercion, which is a felony and any law enforcement the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, any administrative court anywhere in Canada can arrest him he is actually committing crimes. And the reason why we have to have this conversation now is because courts are going to make weekend judgments on whether truckers have the right to have their redress considered. And right now, the courts are tilting towards the criminals not towards the peaceful demonstrators.

Stew Peters 5:24
So what’s it going to take to reverse that?

Dr. David Martin 5:26
Well, things like these conversations. The fact of the matter is we have been advocating for the people in Canada and by the way, people here in the United States who are thinking of doing similar actions. We’ve been advocating that we do not relent on the point that it is in fact, the conditions of democracy that are at stake. And so what it takes is people sharing the word, people getting this information distributed as far and wide as possible, and directing it specifically towards prosecutors. And towards courts. This is a very targeted campaign. This message has to land in the hearts and minds of people who may still have a modicum of morality and decency.

Stew Peters 6:09
So you don’t see Trudeau bending, breaking, negotiating, capitulating at all?

Dr. David Martin 6:15
Well, kind of the way I didn’t suspect Capone was forecast to capitulate. The reason I use the Capone analogy is this is organized crime. That’s what our statutes on competition, that’s what our statutes on fair commerce are all about. And the fact of the matter is when you tell the world in April of 2020, that a license that dates back to 1998 and for the fact checkers out there that want to follow the thread on this University of British Columbia Tekmira pharmaceuticals Inex pharmaceuticals all which rolled up to the Moderna and the BioNtech licenses for what is now licensed through Acuitas pharmaceuticals and Arbutus pharmaceuticals, the two companies that are the name distributors of the holding vessel, the lipid nanoparticle for the injection. Those companies have been in commercial ventures benefiting Canada since the first license was signed in 1998. Amended again in 2001 then 2006 and ultimately in 2007. And Stew part of the reason why this is so frustrating, is that when Moderna was launching their campaign after Trudeau’s comment, they were vigorously trying to get the Canadian patents overturned so that they could infringe them. But the Canadians and the United States collaborated and colluded to make sure that the Canadian interest was defended, and ultimately, Moderna lost and had to pay the license. So when I say that Canada gets paid for every shot, that’s not hyperbole. That’s actually court records.

Stew Peters 7:55
Okay, so what court is meeting on this now?

Dr. David Martin 7:58
Well, right now we’ve been told that there are a couple meetings one in Ottawa and one with respect to the bridge closure. Of the freedom bridge. These are two courts, one trying to suppress the ability for people to protest in Ottowa, in fact, suggesting that they’re going to pass laws as early as tonight on making it illegal to block a road or a highway and have something as much as one of the reports suggest $100,000 fine for anybody doing that. So that’s what’s happening in Ottowa and then there is a court that’s currently hearing the case with respect to the freedom bridge, to see whether or not it’s legal to have an intervention to force people to remove the blockade of the Freedom bridge and the reason why that’s important is because right now 25% of the trade between the United States and Canada and specifically hitting the automotive industry most remarkably 25% of that trade goes across that single bridge. And it turns out, that if courts rule in favor of the criminals rule in favor of Trudeau and his henchmen, the people are going to lose this campaign of democracy is working. And we cannot allow the courts to cover for the criminals.

Stew Peters 9:11
Well, I’m it’s my position that we’re at the point of no return here. Yeah. And that whether doesn’t matter what the courts rule at this point, if you go away we lose. Versus this is a pivotal moment in world history. Right now. I mean, are they going to fine everybody $100,000 And what if you can’t pay it? Are they going to jail, everybody? What are your thoughts on this?

Dr. David Martin 9:35
Yeah, I think you’re exactly right. We have passed that point. I think one of the things that is extremely important right now is you know, when I did conflict resolution in the Pacific and in Africa, one of the things I found Stew is a lot of people knew that they smelled a rat. They knew something was wrong, but many people didn’t know exactly what was wrong. You know, all of us have within us we have a God given ability to sense evil. We have a God given ability to sense when something is clearly corrupt. And when that happens, oftentimes we rise and take action and a huge number of the truckers a huge number of Canadians and a huge number of people across the world are standing in solidarity with this movement. But very few people understand the exact precise nature of what is wrong. And by the way, what I’m doing and what we’re doing on this conversation is making sure people understand that the reason for the irrationality of what is not being met with integrity in Ottawa or anywhere else in the world, is that there is a cover up of the financial crime, which Trudeau knew he was committing on April 2020, when he told us that we would never have a world returned to normal without a vaccine. He knew he was lying. He knew he was lining his pocket and he knew he had a criminal conspiracy supporting him. And all of those pieces of information are the hard data that I know that I’ve shared with you I’ve shared with others, and it’s time that all of us go from the gut feeling of something’s wrong to the precision of saying this crime must be met with accountability. So we don’t have the ability to have this be a loosey goosey thing where we kind of have one side going well, we know we’re right, another side going we will you know, we know we’re right. Facts are. There’s a crime that’s been committed that crime is the crime for which the truckers are rightly standing for the rights of people, and we need to support them every way we can.

Stew Peters 11:33
What happens to this world if a blatant crime a criminal act of this massive proportion, is exposed in front of the whole world for every one of the viewers on this program, and wherever else it goes to see and law enforcement agencies don’t react and they don’t do the right thing and they don’t hold Justin Trudeau accountable then, I mean, what state is the world left in at that point?

Dr. David Martin 11:58
Well, the I guess you and I both have a sense of confidence around the where this narrative ends. Lawlessness prevailing is not the first time it’s happened nor the last time it probably will happen. So so the fact is, what we’ll have is we will have a disruption of the current status quo because people like they miscalculated the truckers people will only take so much until they say enough. And where we are now is a period where we know we’ve taken enough we’ve taken way more than enough. But now it’s time to recognize that we have one last point of civil discourse the Constitution here in the United States and the Constitution of Canada, make it very clear that the people have the rights to have their concerns and grievances addressed. If we have failed in taking the step of making sure our real concerns are known. That’s a failure on us. But this interview that we’re doing right now, and Stew I know it’ll be shared across Canada. I know it’s going to be shared around the world. The fact of the matter is this interview right now is putting the public sector on notice that we the people have tried every form of redress. We have pointed out the crime which is not our job. You know, that’s what law enforcement that’s what intelligence agencies, that’s what Bureau of Investigation are about. That’s what in Canada, the RCMP is supposed to do. They have failed to do the job to protect citizens. We the People have stepped into that gap. We have actually taken the time like this conversation to put them on notice that’s not our job. That’s the Department of Justice job. We’re doing that what we’re doing is the right thing because the right thing is ask for accountability to every level and if at every point we are turned down, then the Constitution of the United States is very clear on the next step. Which is it’s time to declare the government no longer a servant of the people and the people need to actually establish something that works.

Stew Peters 13:56
It’s very clear when it says that as well. I mean, there’s there’s no room for pontification, it’s now.

Dr. David Martin 14:02
It’s actually written into the constitution. So great news. Is we got rid of King George right. We realized that one day be king Fauci.

Stew Peters 14:10
in Canada, right. In Canada. Exactly. These people wrote this because they knew that tyrants would be here one day and look here they are right. In Canada specifically right now these courts are meeting if the RCMP actually in the military is deployed or whomever it is that’s going to enforce this quote, criminal activity by these law abiding blue collar hard working lunch pail truck driving heroes that have worked throughout this entire pandemic and are saying enough is enough that they deploy there. I don’t see that turning out very well.

Dr. David Martin 14:40
No and Canada has a bad history of this. You know, and by the way, I mean, I’m not throwing stones at Canada we’ve had we’ve had our Kent State’s and we’ve had our our situations where the legal and then military actions that are taken against citizens and very badly so you know, we’ve done it on both sides of the border. But the fact of the matter is, if they use force, they are actually now agents of a criminal conspiracy. They are guilty of war crimes, because the abrogation of the oath of office that every single service member takes on both sides of the border. Is to uphold and defend the Constitution, not to uphold and defend despotic criminal commercial concern.

Stew Peters 15:24
This is a little bit unprecedented too Dr. Martin, because if the courts actually make this ruling, does that give justification to the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies? That says, Well, no, we’re acting in accordance with the law, because this is what the court said?

Dr. David Martin 15:40
Well, the great news is history is filled with cases where those kind of bad decisions have been made. So I’m not suggesting they won’t be made again. The great news is history is also filled with accountability for those decisions and the fact is that emergencies do not in any instance set aside constitutions. Judges on both sides of the Supreme Courts on both sides of the border have made it abundantly clear that an emergency does not the Constitution suspend and we will not let that happen again. Now, will it happen? The answer is corrupt judges exist on both sides of the border. And could it happen? Well, there’s all kinds of influence that goes through the judiciary. You know, here in the United States, the Department of Justice has refused. Now, two years of complaints that I filed on antitrust cases that go back to March and April of 2020. They have failed the public many, many times. But that does not mean that in the long story, they will be able to ultimately be vindicated because these damages will come back and we are very actively involved right now Stew in bringing the first criminal charges out of a state against federal government and initiative we just started this week. So we are beginning that process and accountability will be had.

Stew Peters 16:58
I pray that it happens extremely soon for every one of these children that we’re seeing being led to these things. Yeah, it’s just absolute insanity. It isn’t a you know, the media is the head of the beast here they are the problem 100% Because these criminal acts should be being exposed on every single network and for the record, I will just have everybody know, I personally text Tucker Carlson now. I’m not holding him personally responsible, but I will say this. He’s also leashed by Fox and Fox is the problem because they’re owned by the same people that own every other media outlet that the mockingbird media when that was exposed that exposure didn’t end the actions of the mockingbird Mockingbird media we’re seeing it right now. Right. It’s happening all over the place. You brought it and as I shared with you, it’s nowhere.

Dr. David Martin 17:47
Yeah, as I shared with you the Associated Press, Ali Swenson who was the person who reached out to do the smear piece on me allegedly making mis-statements about the the drug companies and Trudeau on Tuesday, reportedly reached out to both of them or before Tuesday reached out to both of them and asked whether or not the things I said were true. Now, I don’t know the last time I’ve ever heard of a criminal being given the right to opine on the criminality of their crime. I’m not I’m not familiar with that being fact checking. But Ali reached out assuring me that they assured her that everything I said was false. I provided her all the evidence including and Stew I sent you the link too just because I care about being factual. I sent her the language straight out of the investor materials that say without question, the University of British Columbia is in fact the licensor of this technology. So it’s not a close call. It’s written in the securities filing. And she told me that she was going to write the the piece on the 10th, which was yesterday. Now it turns out that she lied about Trudeau she lied about the companies. She lied about all of this stuff that allegedly was where I had my facts wrong. And then rather than doing the next right thing, and that’s why I said to her, I put it in writing. I’m encouraging you to use your accountability, to say, hey, if I really want to be a credible fact checker, I need to make sure I publish a piece that says the Trudeau Government and the pharmaceutical companies got it wrong. And Dave actually has the evidence and it’s right now, that doesn’t necessarily absolve her of the craziness that she’s done another fact checking, but it at least would have given her the civility of saying put one score on the board for integrity.

Stew Peters
That’s pretty far reaching. And I’m not surprised that it didn’t happen. And she’s part of the criminal enterprise. She’s carrying out a criminal act, she’s allowing a criminal act to happen. And thereby she’s participating in the death the unnecessary death of people who are led to this injection, who has this injection as we know record setting numbers of deaths unprecedented that the media has completely spiked as well. I’m glad that you were here to get all this out. And I hope that the truckers and everybody that’s involved with this, the people that are giving, because this isn’t just about the physical truckers that are there. There are so many hundreds of millions of global citizens that are behind this. They’re not alone up there. And that is and that is substantial. That’s evidence it’s evidenced by what $10 million in less than a week to go fund me. Then they steal that money, right? And then they put a Givesendgo up, which is now approaching another 10 million $20 million from people around the world that support these people. So I hope that they hold their ground. I pray that the court does the right thing and I hope that the people that have the contact information and the whereabouts and all that will put the pressure on these courts, and then on law enforcement, because it only takes one, one director of the RCMP anybody administratively to say no, no, this crime is not going to be committed. Not here, not now. Not under this Constitution. Period.

Dr. David Martin
That’s exactly right Stew and I am grateful that you’ve taken the time to make sure our voice can be amplified as far as possible because we need people to know they’re standing for what is right. They’re standing for what is true. And in ignorance or in fully informed. They are on the right side of history, and I am grateful that you’ve taken the time to make sure that this message gets out.

Stew Peters
in times like this. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Dr. David Martin, thank you for your time and all your efforts.

Dr. David Martin
It’s an honor, thanks Stew

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