This video was made around 2018-2019 era.

Three years ago a group of generals came to me and it was explained to me they were gonna, they were ready to conduct a coup d’etat. They’re ready to remove Barack Obama from office with military force. And then a few weeks later, I got another call and said that they were reconsidering.

You know why they were reconsidering? Because they talked to Donald Trump and Trump had agreed, Trump agreed that he would run. And they agreed that if he would run, they would conduct their coup d’etat as a legitimate process, rooting out the traitors within government and that pact between the military and Donald Trump has held as we’ve been interpreting and watching and Alex has been following Q anon………to see the entire transcript, it is linked below the video.

It is clear to me and all the anons now that the shocking loss of Donald Trump in the 2020 Election was absolutely necessary. Refer to the two Q posts below. Take special note of my comments underneath the Q posts. Then put 2 and 2 together.

David Ashton
Q announced that Trump had to allow the traitors to “win” the 2020 election in order to show the people of the USA (and the world) the corrupt system. So they didn’t do their original coup d’état against Obama because they were going make it it seem like a legitimate process was in place which is what is happening now.
Refer to the word unthinkable. So if Trump didn’t beat HRC in the election they were going to do what Corsi said in his speech.

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Project 2025

In the above circa 2018-2019 Corsi speech about Trump and his plans, it was mentioned that Trump was going to get rid of 95% of the Federal Government. This video from Dan Bongino from episode 2078 released 31 August 2023, together with the article linked underneath, should be enough evidence for you that the US Military is in control – in fact of the whole world right now – to destroy the deep state / cabal / illuminati systems forever.

Ep. 2078 Wait, There’s Another Tape?

In this episode, Dan addresses the stunning revelation that there’s another devastating Biden tape waiting to drop. Page source.

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