Lot’s of people can’t see this. Your face can have different looks over the years.

You can get facelifts.

You can put on weight.

You can lose weight.

You can have nose jobs.

But what never changes?

Can you spot the difference between the younger 2007 version on the left hand side and the older 2024 Joe Biden on the right? Don’t cheat, have a good look before you click the image for the answer.

Click the image to get the answer

The above image on the left was pulled from this 2007 photo directly below.

So if you’ve read this far and are wondering why is this so? Why is it important? It is all to do with the Military Operation in the USA, started in 2015. Initiated by JFK before they took him out. Just search this site using the term “Joe Biden”. The answer has been right there in front of you all this time.

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