One year on from the invasion of Freedom Village at Parliament, here is our “homage” to the woman who sanctioned the police brutalising of gentle Kiwis.

I have seen the video of the so called Christchurch Muslim attack. It is totally fake as the video looked like a video game. Need proof without watching it? A terrorist attack is normally played down for days and days and our Tyrannical WEF loving ex PM Morrison together with NZ PM Ardern came out in the press IMMEDIATELY saying it was a terrorist attack, condemning it and wanting tighter gun control. Get it? Same goes for Wieambilla. We are awake all you terrorist bastards and if the current Military Tribunals don’t get you, God will. It was a big mistake coming after my family. All I wanted was to be left alone so through future legal channels, I am your future worst nightmare.

My comment at Cairns News

I should have included the following in the quote, but can’t amend it so here is what I wanted to say. The best way to defeat Globalisation is by Localisation. Not my words, I wish I’d have said it first but I’ll use them. I knew this is the way, have known for years and years. That’s how they are going to be beaten. And it will not happen again for at least 1,000 years, because these times are biblical times – Revelation 12 if you want to nail it down.

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