I came across this old 2021 article at From Rome today 3 January 2023 and noticed that this video was deleted at screwtube.

Of course with a little bit of research I found some backups on Bitchute. I will leave the original Youtube link here for all to see.

Looking back, if it is indeed true that Trump and the Military are waking people up, having allowed the election to be stolen to avoid a massive civil disturbance, the upcoming SCOTUS Jan 6 2023 court case could be interesting.

Or it could be a nothing burger. Will it be the 9.0 Mike Lindell has been sprucing about? And 400++ politicians are going to lose their jobs never being able to return, causing a major Governmental chaos so the US Military needs to step in. Time will tell. Update added 10 January 2023 click to go visit it.


Wayback machine did not save the video, I could only locate the screenshot of the youtube page, which helped me track it down.

I have a backup of all these videos let me know if they disappear and I’ll organise a replacement
The affidavit

I found 2 other videos at Bitchute that are related:

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Update 10 January 2023: The below 2 Telegram Posts have indicated that this may be a nothing burger.

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