Do you remember me warning you to not trust the media (links at the foot of this article), you must treat them as though they were your enemy – imagine them to be Nazi’s trying to find you and kill you and you are on the Allies side. You MUST do this now, it is no longer a subtle suggestion. If you still want to watch the News, read the newspapers after having viewed everything on this page, there is no hope for you for what is coming down the pike.

David Ashton

December 31, 2023

By Vigilant Fox

#10 – Paramedic drops alarming revelations on COVID vaccine distribution.

#9 – Toxic seed oils pose one of the greatest threats to human health over the past 100 years.

#8 – Donald Trump predicts Biden won’t be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

#7 – An entirely new “blue screen of death” begins appearing in people’s cars.

#6 – COVID vaccines can worsen cancer, according to new peer-reviewed analysis.

#5 – Major retailers suddenly begin selling gold amid concerns of financial collapse.

#4 – Tucker Carlson unleashes on Ben Shapiro, says he “doesn’t care” about America.

#3 – The CDC gets exactly what it wanted for Christmas: high viral levels of COVID in the water supply.

#2 – Illegal immigrants with “anchor babies” use more welfare than U.S. citizens.

#1 – The majority of Americans are now worried about COVID-19 vaccine safety.

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