Propaganda works when truth is mixed in with the crap. The below article seems very interesting as some things I agree with and others I don’t. I’ve been following Q since 2019 and listening to some very smart people discuss Q, for example Dave from X22 Report. He was recently thanked by some very important people including General Flynn for the works he does. X22 has mentioned this is a Sting Operation, and also here. Tore Maras mentions this “sting” in her podcast. We anons also knew that some super software had to be used to map out the plan. Q also mentioned that Wray is a white hat and that Assange is protected. Everything has been infiltrated in my opinion. Time will tell if everything she says is accurate.

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by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

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“Q” is AI-driven software that is controlled by the Knights of Malta, according to Tore Maras, who presents this head-spinning podcast, fresh off of being kicked off the ballot in the contest for Ohio Secretary of State – and having sued and won her candidacy back in the upcoming Midterm Elections!

Q is a computer software

Tore was dropping bombs in her video on Thursday, not before having been widely derided by the Leftist Mainstream Media, who’d smeared her as someone who MUST be disqualified because she’s a “QAnon” proponent.

She bristles intensely at this, saying here that VICE, CNN et al. sound like idiots, because Q is software. It’s not a person.

She says “Q” is spyware that is controlled by the Knights of Malta, an organization, albeit one that’s infiltrated with evil globalists, like Gen Stanley McChrystal however, populated by a majority of members who are pro-humanity, like Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

About 22 minutes in, she says, “I’m going to give you full transparency now about everyone. Alright, who wants to talk about Q? Look at this face [Jordan Sather]. This is the expert on Q.

Do you want to talk about Q? Would you like to know what Q is? Would you like me to tell you what Q is? Because I can tell you what all these f*ers are pushing to you. I am so tired!”

She goes on to recite how she was a teenage Navy recruit when she was tapped by associates of former CIA Director John Brennan to work at a privatized intelligence company in Luxembourg, due to her advanced math and computer skills. (In the past, Tore has said that by the time she was 5 years old, already had an IQ of 200).

She says, “John Brennan went there [Luxembourg] with a bunch of Saudis and Mossad agents and set up a company and I was pulled out to play with his bootlegged machine…I was taken out, at a very young age, because I had skills to work as an operator of certain computer systems. Computer systems that don’t abide by the rules of RSA-backed technology, that were housed in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, right under the guise of a bunch of people that you’ll never know exist. But when they pulled me out of the US Navy, I had two groups of people visit me. I believe NSO was one and I know that the other was the Agency [CIA].”

She refers to the rumors pushed by Q social media influencers, like Jordan Sather and InTheMatrixxx & Shady Groove and asks how many listeners have heard of Pegasus and NSO Group technologies? She reads from the Wikipedia article, ‘It stands for Niv, Shalev and Omri, the names of the company’s founders. An Israeli tech company firm primarily known for its proprietary spyware Pegasus.’”

Referring to a Justia webpage displaying the company’s trademark filing, she says, “Q is spyware. It’s actually registered. Oh, you see that name, there? That name, Michael A Lisi? Do you remember when all these thirsty Q people were like, ‘Oh my God! Q took all the IPs and stole them and took them to Florida!’…

“The goods and services is: ‘Providing temporary use of non-downloadable software in the field of communications surveillance for the use in tracking law enforcement-targeted individuals.’…

“Jordan Sather, the Karli Qs, the QAnons are all talking about spyware! I wanted to make that clear to you. Spy. Ware.

“And wait till you see who are the controllers of this and then you will understand why their war and what they have done is imperative for winning. And I commend them for deploying that software at the right time on the RSA network, because it is necessary to pull it out…

“We are in a war and they are using tools of war for good and evil.

“I disagree with using tools of war, in general – and this is probably why I’m so shunned – but I think it’s time we ripped the band-aid off, because the more I watch, the more I see that even though you believe you ‘have it all’, it’s your game to lose. And it’s time we get that.”

So who controls this Q software? At 39 minutes, Tore says, “Q is software. The operators of that software are the Knights of Malta. Now, are they all bad? Not really. But they think that they know better and this is why this [software] has been deployed.”

She shows another online business filing for OSY Technologies, the Luxembourg-based subsidiary of NSO Group, holder of intellectual properties, which is described as “Primarily a consortium of cyber-spy companies run by former Israeli intelligence officers.”

Lt Gen Mike Flynn is listed as being on the board and OSY Technologies is listed as the owner of Q Cyber Technologies Ltd.

Tore says “This is a sting operation and they have all been caught. The Q software is only able to tackle RSA-backed systems, not the quantum-.

“There is no Q person. Q is software. Spyware. There is no “QAnon following”. You don’t follow software unless you’re retarded…Q is a software and Anon is someone that likes to remain anonymous.

“Q is mostly software, most of it AI-driven, of course and the predictive analytics it has are no match to mine…

“I do know that behind the curtain, is just a computer software that is vulnerable to people like me, that have access to quantum software and right now, what we’re going through is war and that software was incredible, because it was able to mine all the crimes that they have done and I am so grateful for that…I am so grateful that the Knights actually thought of that; that people were against what the Pope was doing, by lining up with this New World Order and that Ancient Order [Knights of Malta] decided ‘Uh-uh’.”

Tore says Q was created right after General Flynn’s team was in charge of going after Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and she says that we should thank General Flynn for protecting Assange by being in the middle of it, saying, “He had people like Cassandra Fairbanks and other assets that he hired in the media.

“Jack Posobiec is an infiltrator. He should not be awarded any medals. I say that clear. And just so you know, the DIA’s task force ended on the 17th of October of 2017. When did Q post? Right then.

“And you know what? All these losers that you see, telling you about Q? They’ve run under McChrystal’s People First company. That’s how they’re paid. I have receipts!”

She says that the Knights of Malta, through their Q operation have been fighting for humanity and they’re good people but they have been infiltrated, too by the likes of Stanley McChrystal. She calls Cassandra Fairbanks a “double agent” and says Jordan Sather is not loyal to the truth but is “loyal to the dollar.”

She says, “Tracy Beanz, playing the victim, she knew she was a part of an operation, she knew Q was software. Why is everyone saying these things? Because it’s about money, nothing else.. It’s about money. They only care about money…

“We don’t need these people anymore. This is war and what we need is information. So, aside from the show of Antarctica, this is the the last time I’m gonna put it and spread this far and wide:

“QAnon is not a team. QAnon does not exist. Q is software and it is backed by the Knights of Malta. Period.

“And They’re good people that were trying to wake people up…

“It doesn’t take but a second for a quantum computer to download all your messages. And Q is already on your phone. Q is on everybody’s phone. They have all messages, all our our emails. So no matter how independent you think you are, maybe you should read up on the trademark site, exactly what it does.”

A few more jarring statements that Tore makes here are that the Knights of Malta helped to create the CIA, that The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer is actually a good guy and that she actually has faith in FBI Director Chris Wray…

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