A Friend of Medjugorje shares a very scary truth that is hard to believe, but, necessary to know for our future. After hearing this, you will want to change some things that you live with now, but will not be able to live with after listening.

I first learned about these lights back in November 2021 (see Telegram post below), but I never share anything until it is confirmed by multiple sources which happened today – Christmas Day 2022. One of these street lights with the cameras have been out the front of my home for ages, and only recently I watched 2 men replace the light seen here in Inverell with the very bright LED’s – these are mentioned in the interview coming up.
So on Boxing Day I decided to check out the streets at Inverell and then took the following 2 photos. They haven’t yet had the lights replaced with LED’s, but the cameras are there, as are the low street level ones.
You can read the transcript below of the audio, which includes the interview, or skip to the interview on Rumble. I would listen to the audio myself.
Yes it has religious things in the audio for those who do not like religion, but isn’t it interesting Jesus Mother Mary has been telling us about these things are going to happen to us 10+ years ago as mentioned in the audio.
The interview mentions about the banks introducing the totally bullshit carbon footprint crap, I have already taken action against the Commonwealth Bank and closed my accounts, see my personal story here.
Please spread this to everyone you know. Knowledge will bring about change and the defeat of these evil men.

David Ashton
Face recognition cameras in a small NSW Country Town called Inverell. Photo taken 26 December 2022.
These are the new light systems with cameras. Photo taken in a small Country town called Inverell 26 December 2022. It looks like the town has yet to have the lights changed to the LED type as it has done in my Country home town of Maitland NSW. These LED lights are very bright at night.
These are the new LED light systems. The face is flush with the body of the unit. As I mentioned they are very bright at night and it looks like they will be able to “flash” affecting people AND probably be able to be made blue in colour. They do this colours change in new cars, why not these ones? L17CA 22. Is 22 meaning the year installed? Because I confirm this as this is the one out the front of my home that was replaced in 2022.
This is the Telegram article I mentioned I knew about in November 2021.
These blue lights are active in Australia, as the QLD Police used them to gain sympathy to try and bolster support because Aussies no longer trust them due to their actions over the last few years when they decided to shoot us with rubber bullets, burn us with banned sonic sound waves and so on.. Watch the Bitchute video from Max Igan (point 2 in the supporting evidence from RedFireOnline article)
I’ve added this video for a special reason, not just to show you what is happening in Canada because Canada’s new laws is mentioned in the audio, see what Our Lady says about suicide in her September 2, 1981 message.
When you are of sound mind, I believe Our Lady is saying here that anyone who willingly commits suicide, you will go to hell. That is what she means “satan took hold of him”.

Transcript of the podcast:

Canada, for 2022, they’re passing bills, right up to now.

Bill C-21, take your guns.

Bill C-11, censor the internet.

Bill 36, forcibly vaccinate.

Bill 36 includes seize of property.

Included also in Bill 36 is fine and jail all those dissent, those people who have not had vaccinations, and class them mentally insane, and then lock them up.

And we jump from there to the World Economic Forum. They want to go to the population back to 500 years ago. That was 460 million people.

They say, quote,

“We can solve all the world’s problems if we reduce the world population to where it was 500 years ago.”

You could say, “Oh, I’m not worried about these things.” Even though it’s a big deal. How are they going to do all that?

They’re going to do it through satan!

satan has a master intellect. Ivan said that. All the brain power of every man that’s ever lived, they don’t even come close to satan’s.

This broadcast is going to shock you. It’s so important, I was going to broadcast it after January 1st. But because you may be having your families with you through the Christmas season, everybody has to listen to this.

This broadcast contains information that Heaven, through the Virgin Mary, October 25, 2021, talked about it.

That message, at the heights of corona, explains everything.

But Our Lady’s message is a briefing of what’s coming. Because She’s in Heaven, She sees it. She knows it. She knows what the devil is doing. And he is sly, and he’s going to get you to do things that you don’t even recognize that it’s satan himself.

Our Lady started off with this message, October 25, ’21 about your future. She says, “…Return to prayer…” She tells us, “…[do not be] afraid of the future…” She says,

“Dear children! Return to prayer because who prays is not afraid of the future…”

And then She says these words,

“…who prays is open to life and respects the life of others…”

Why is She saying that? You’ll learn this in a few minutes, because what we’re going to play, it’s about not being open to life, not respecting the life of others.

So, if Our Lady’s saying, “…the life of others…” means there’s a group out there somewhere that does not respect the life of others. “Others” is me and you, your family, your church.

She goes on and says,

“…who prays…feels the freedom…”

What is that about? Why do we need to feel freedom?

Because you’re going to be locked up. You’re not going to be able to go anywhere you want to.

“Come on, a Friend of Medjugorje. How can that be? We can always escape something.”

No, you cannot.

“…who prays is open to life and respects the life of others; who prays…feels the freedom of the children of God…”

And She relays to us, that,

“…in joy of heart serves…the good [of] his brother-man…”

This is strange verbiage. Why would She say that?

“his” is a male. “brother” is a male. “man” is a male.

The devil is saying, “man and woman.” Our Lady’s talking about women and girls and boys and men. Three times She says that.




And the She says,

“…Because God is love and freedom…”

There’s that word again. To feel freedom, and to have freedom.

What’s coming, you’re going to hear, is about you’re going to lose all your freedom, if you do not follow Our Lady, and if you don’t prepare for this now, and that you be aware of this.

This is one of the most potent things we have ever heard about the antichrist system.

Before I listened to this, I could never imagine what is about to be revealed to you.

It’s stunningStunning to the point it shows the brilliant of evil.

You will agree with this after you hear it. It’s a must, and it’s a thing you have to spread everywhere, because it is about freedom.

From “freedom,” Our Lady says,

“…therefore, little children, when they…”

Who is “they”? It’s the people who Our Lady earlier said, “…does not respect the life of others…”

So, “they” is not us.

“Others” is us, what Our Lady’s showing.

So, to give you the sentence, Our Lady says,

“…Because God is love and freedom…”

And She’s going to tell us the opposite what it’s going to be.

“…therefore, little children, when they want to put you chains…”




And then She says why:

“…to use you…”

That sounds like slavery.

That’s about putting you in a concentration camp, and they’re going to do this. The plan is there.

You’re going to be locked up.

So, sink these words in you,

“…when they want to put you in chains and to use you, it is not from God…”

Because She said earlier, said, “…God is love and freedom…” “they” are not.

And Our Lady goes on and says,

“…Because God loves and gives His peace to every creature…”

God gave that. His plan is for freedom.

After Our Lady says, “…every creature…” She says,

“…and that is why He sent me to you to help you to grow in holiness…”

I have believed, for three decades, when nobody even said what they were, they would not dare approach what I told ABC 20/20, that we’re in the Book of Revelation. Thirty years ago, plus.

Barbara Walters, top producer, Rob Wallace, he asked me the question in Medjugorje when we were working on a documentary, and I told him,

“This is Revelation.”

The priest wouldn’t say it. The visionaries wouldn’t say it. The bishops won’t say it. Nobody was saying it then. I’ve got it in writing many times.

All these things Our Lady’s been telling us is serious. She’s said, many times, “Take Me serious.” (1983; October 30, 1986) The Church has not, and even many Medjugorje people haven’t. They say, “Yeah, we know these things are going to happen.”

And Our Lady said, February 25, 2007,

“…Do not forget…”

Because we forget. We forget what She says, and most people read the monthly message, and they forget.

“…Do not forget, little children: your freedom is your weakness…”

And then She says,


Therefore what? Therefore, your weakness, by your freedom. And then She says,

“…therefore, follow my messages with seriousness…”

And what you’re going to hear is so serious that you have to be spreading this broadcast for the whole next year to everybody.

We are in Genesis 3:15 when God talked to Adam and Eve and to the serpent, and the Woman will crush his head.

And we jump to the back of the Bible, and it’s laid out there! Revelation chapter 12.

There is a whistleblower that worked in the Silicon Valley for 25 years. He was very, very intelligent. He was in the guru of everything, where things were going. He started challenging things. And he’s genius in the way he breaks it down, that you cannot doubt anything that’s a maybe or maybe not.

It is the antichrist system.

He describes it in an hour and seventeen minutes.

Don’t be distracted. If you want to pause this and go get coffee or something, go to the restroom. You stay glued to this and listen to it, and I’ll say briefly something at the end of it.

All your family that’s with you for Christmas, tell them, “You listen to this on mej.com.”

We here, at Caritas, in the Community, have been planning for this for decades without knowing the knowledge of what you’re about to hear, because I saw it into the messages.

So, this man is very brave to expose this. He’s not a Christian. He’s a native from India. And he describes what he says in his words,

“The coming beast system.”

So, we will begin this now. Put your antennas on and be focused on this, what we’re starting now.




We are joined today by Aman Jabbi. This is an interview that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Aman has the most comprehensive and amazing knowledge that I’ve seen of the structure of the incoming Central Bank Digital Currency, what they are doing behind the scenes to set up all this infrastructure, or the fact that they already have it in place and Aman is one of the most, as I said, knowledgeable people on this subject that I’ve seen. Aman, thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate your time.


Thank you, Maria, for having me. I appreciate you having me here.


It’s a pleasure. So before we get into, you’ve got a presentation for us which everyone needs to see. I’d just like you to spend a couple of minutes introducing yourself to the audience. Let them know a little bit about your background and your history and what actually makes you so knowledgeable on this subject.


Well, my background is primarily in technology. I’ve spent over 25 years, almost 28 years in Silicon Valley, California and I moved out of there in somewhere of 2020 and I moved to Northwest Montana. So, in the 28 years I was in Silicon Valley, I was, my professional background is in electrical engineering and in computer science and you know, deep technology, I’ve done hardware, software but primarily I was working on video and camera technologies for the last 25 plus years. So, my observations over the years was that you know while camera technologies are used amazingly by consumers and my focus was primarily on consumer electronics, that included technologies such as video streaming, computer graphics, rebuilt computers for a animation studios in Hollywood. And then subsequently in the last 20 years I was more focused on mobile imaging and cameras for cell phones. I also have co-founded two camera startups, so I have deep knowledge in this subject through my professional background. And I have interacted with all the media companies that make cell phones and beyond including Gameria’s full driving vehicles and stuff. And so, in general, I’m an independent researcher. I’ve been, I read a lot. Since 911, I’ve been doing a lot of digging into a lot of things that are happening in the world. I generally do not watch television or read the newspaper so…


Smart man.


I have a different view of the world. That’s kind of my background.


You and I had quite a lengthy conversation prior to this interview, and we spoke about a lot of these topics and I can definitely say to the people watching right now that Aman really is awake to the entire agenda. He has a deep understanding of these things. And we spoke about the people of Australia. We spoke about what’s happened here.  We’ve spoke about people in his hometown as well who are very believing and trusting in the government which is absolutely devastating to hear. But Aman, what I’d really love is to start with your presentation and if you can take people through the knowledge, you have and I’ll interject as we go along and so we can really get an understanding of the things that your presenting.



So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about what is facial recognition, how it has been introduced to us in the world, then I’m going to do a switch from the infrastructure of surveillance cameras that have been put up in China, the U.S.A, and across the world.  From there I’m going to move on to defining what is a digital identity as proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and how it is going to be linked to a new type of digital currency, called the Central Banking Digital Currency. And then from there we can talk about what’s happening in our local areas so I’ll touch upon Montana and you can also add stuff of what you are seeing in Australia. And then from there will be other little link topics like social emotional learning and how Human Capital Index is going to be manipulated for making money for Wall Street and the trillionaires and then we’ll talk about solutions from there. That is how I’m going to proceed.

So, how does Facial Recognition work? When you pick up, many of the Smart Phones today have a 3D camera in the front and what happens is that 3D camera has a little bit of a laser, or an invisible projector that projects a pattern on your face or some sort of other pattern and then that pattern gets uniquely distorted for every person’s face. And then there is an invisible light camera that picks up that distortion and then is able to identify, keep lines on your face and uniquely identify that this is Aman or this is Maria. That is how facial recognition works and it has been sold to us as a benefit because it is very convenient. I don’t have to punch in a 4- or 6-digit code into my phone every time I want to use it. Right? So that was how facial recognition was introduced to the world.


Many of these things, many of these so-called technological advancements has been introduced under the guise of convenience but what they are actually leading to is, as you said, a digital prison.


That’s right, and so they give us the carrots. Right? If you go back 20-25 years of consumer electronics, computers, cell phones and other gadgets, video games, there are all kinds of subsidizes, very low costs so that they are able to permeate every corner of society. So even if people are not very well off, they have all these gadgets. So, they are sold to us as the carrots. And it’s for convenience and it is also for safety and security. Right? It’s to catch the bad guys and as a society we tend to kind of accept all the carrots but by the end of the presentation or even halfway through it, you’ll see how the sticks are coming if we don’t watch out. And they have already started and most people doesn’t know what is coming.

So, if you go to China, Big Brother already met Big Data.  Right? They already have facial recognition which is connected to social credit scoring and that directly lends itself to a control system. And they already announced it in China for many years. I was in Shang ton China in 2019, three years ago, for an optical conference. And every corner you go, sections, streets, buildings, indoor, outdoor are just littered with cameras. And there are screens everywhere and they are telling you that “we are watching you” and “you know that we are watching you” and “you will be okay with us watching you all the time.” And so, people have become very compliant in China. Right?

And so, you can then control the social credit systems like a feedback system on how people behave and this is how compliance has been achieved in China. Now they are already doing this in the Western Countries it’s just that they haven’t told us yet. So, our social scoring is already started. Our carbon tracking has already started. I was in India recently and when I got my receipt from United Airlines it had a carbon dioxide, a carbon footprint of 3.3 tons each way on the receipt.


Yes, the conditioning is already started and talking of here in Australia about banks starting to notify you about your carbon footprint on your transactions. So that conditioning, you’re absolutely right. We are already in that system.


That’s right. But the narrative in the Western media is that privacy and freedom is gone in China. Right? And the social credit system is a control system in China and implicitly we in the West are free, but that is really not the case. But the narrative is there and it gives people the illusion that all the civilians being put up in our cities and in our towns in the Western countries is for security and safety of the people.

But what is not said is that per capita cameras in America are greater than in China. We have 50 million data civilian cameras in the United States connected to the internet and therefore to AI. And by 2025, two trillion dollars would have been spent on cameras and the civilian infrastructure of Smart Cities. Like London is ranked number three in the world in terms of number of cameras per thousand people. So, the infrastructure is in place and is expanding.

And so, if people look up and they keep their wits about them and go out in your towns and cities you will see more and more surveillance infrastructure being setup and they will all be sold on the pretext of safety and security of the people.


I didn’t know London was ranked number three. That’s very interesting.


And New Delhi, India, is ranked #1 in terms of cameras per square mile. So, there are well over a half a million cameras in the city of Delhi. So just think about that. So, while the world was sleeping, when COVID was announced and people were locked down and the fear porn was blaring in every television set and people were quarantining, there were installing cameras and civilian infrastructure.

A report that came out earlier this year, by the end of 2022, there will be one billion surveillance cameras tethered and connected to the internet in the world. And if you take mobile cameras and other cameras, that’s greater than 20 billion data collection cameras in the world. So that is the kind of surveillance that is being unrolled on to the world. And this is by the end of 2022. So, this is not just to catch the bad guys, much worse for civilians. This is data collection. that means everything you do will be logged and tracked and analyzed and then it will be used as a feedback loop to change your behavior and compliance. So, think about that.


So this is being fed back to an AI machine that has already been programmed, as you said, with that feedback loop, to change your behavior. So, it is already, I mean everything has already been programmed into this AI.


It’s been programmed and continually being improved. So basically, what we have is eyes in the sky, eyes everywhere. Eventually, its already started, but it’s going to be permanent once, they will be tracking your eye movements, continuously when you are in front of a cell phone or when you are in front of a computer. They already do that on many apps, but that’s going to become prevalent. Right?

So, in the old days, what was surveillance?  A bunch of cameras around the city and there would be people sitting and watching these LCD screens or LED screens, for you know, for thieves and all. And so human eyeballs are gone. Now, no humans are necessary. All the monitoring will be done by smart artificial intelligence security guards that are watching us at every moment. And so, you are being literally, they are listening in, they are watching, they are analyzing, they are logging, they are learning and then they repeat the cycle.


I have a question, Aman, you mentioned 20 billion devices around the world, are all of these devices also listening?


If they have a microphone, chances are they are listening. Like your cell phone is listening. Like the zoom call is not only listening, its recording and analyzing our discussion and we are being scored by AI as we speak. And since I am talking to you and you are talking to me, our social credit score is being reduced in real time as we speak. 

So, when are we not alone? Pretty much never and if you have devices in your house, such as ring cameras and all, those are all tracking devices. But let me introduce you to a term called panopticon, which is kind of a circular prison, and this is a picture from Rhode Island, one of the states in the United States of America back from the late 20s.

This is a circular prison where the guards are in the middle, and they can watch pretty much all of the activity going on in each of the prison. All of the prisoners know that the guards can watch them at any time. Where were are living is in a digital panopticon.  Right? There being security guards, this computer vision, cameras with computer vision and artificial intelligence. So, everyone is being monitored, everywhere, all the time. And so, this has been put into place already. A few years ago, I was at a venture capital summit in New York City and this term was introduced called the Internet of Eyes. And I found it kind of, not creepy, but I was kind of curious as to why this film was there, but literally, now everything is falling in place. It is the Internet of Eyes, there are cameras everywhere. In intersections. All your automobiles are spy vehicles. They have cameras inside and outside. By 2025, there will be an average of at least 16 cameras in every new vehicle and once you have autonomous driving, there will be radars, “lidars” as well as cameras, some may even have sonars. They have cameras in space looking down at the earth, counting trees and mapping digital IDs to trees. They have cameras in drones, licensed plate readers, cameras inside your cars, cameras in bus stations, airports, so you’re being tracked everywhere. The Internet of Eyes.


Did you just say mapping digital IDs to trees?


Yeah, every tree and plant and all of nature is going to be mapped digitally and eventually being pushed into the metaverse.


This is fascinating to me because what they are doing, Aman, is that they are currently shifting all humanitarian causes to climate change and looking after what they call Mother Earth, according to Nancy Pelosi and they are meeting this month for an interfaith meeting on Mt. Sinai announcing their new Climate 10 Commandments, it’s unbelievable what these people are doing. And so that would mean, if they are digitally mapping every tree, every plant then that would also be able to impact your score, should you interact with one of these trees or plants or harm them or emit too much carbon affecting this plant, so they say, this would also impact your social credit score. There really is no escaping from this surveillance.


Yeah, we’ll talk about the escape in Part II at the end, but in general, you’re right. They do a lot with trees and nature. That’s a new presentation onto itself.


I’d love to have you back to talk more about that at some stage, but please do go on.


Okay, so, as I was saying if you have technology at home, you have eyes and ears at home and so each of us are helping Big Brother if you have technologies from companies like these:  if you use google products, Samsung products, Facebook, Microsoft, our Zoom call, for instance, Apple watches are one of the worst things to have. The ring cameras, they track every device on your network, its location, its movements all the time. And of course if you have a ring camera, as the cameras generations improve, they are also identifying when you are coming home, when you are leaving, who is coming to visit you. So, all the tracking is going on, and the scoring is going on, even when you are at home.

So, I’ll just make a switch to these LED lights. I started to notice in San Francisco two and a half years ago that a lot of the low-pressure yellow halogen type of lights they started getting replaced by these very bright LED lights. Have you seen that in Australia? You must have seen it everywhere.




And they are putting them up like literally in the denser populations, every 30-35 yards apart. It’s really horrible. I live in Montana in a relatively low population but in the closer towns and cities they have a lot of these and it’s really putrid. These are called Smart lights and Smart poles which are an integral part of the Smart cities’ infrastructure. They all wirelessly communicate with each other and then there are five optic cables that are under the ground which are then connected to 5G Towers and to other communication facilities nearby.


What purpose do they serve?


They basically, it’s an open concentration camp for civilians as well as, I’ll show you, it will be weaponized. These can be weaponized. These are LED lights, and then they will also host all sorts of sensors in the name of climate change and global warming. So here is an example of a Smart pole.

They’ll have noise sensors, and it’s for noise pollution, but actually it’s really for listening to people’s conversations. They’ll have people counters; they’ll have surveillance cameras; they will have public address systems like in Auschwitz concentration camps where the soldiers are giving orders to all the people who are the prisoners. Some of these lamps I’ve seen specifications on top of the lights they are drone charging stations so in the future, drones will be used, bought individually, as well as in swarms, as the arial police. There is a lot of information available on other websites on these drone swarms and how they are going to be used against enemies of the state.


Yep, and I’m not surprised Aman because what they have done, number one, they’ve killed off a huge portion of the police force either by forcing anyone with a conscience to resign, or by those who are dying due to the injection injuries and God only knows what sort of controls they are going to have over people with whatever are in these injections and on top of that they don’t even need a huge police force anymore because we are going to be controlled and policed by AI.


Right. That’s right and also if you have noticed in America there is a lot of talk about defunding the police in the last two and a half to three years. It’s all these false flags that they keep coming up with and they change the narrative on certain agendas. But one should know that these, I think the takeaway is these Smart poles and Smart lights are an integral part of this Smart city grid that they are building everywhere. They communicate with each other. They are wirelessly connected as well as some of them are connected through cables under ground. Some of them may also assistant adonomous driving vehicles in the future and they are putting Smart cables under the roads and all and so there is a lot of technology going inside the ground and on top through these lights in order to achieve a lot of the surveillance grid integrated with 5G.


I can’t even begin to imagine how harmful all of the signals, Aman, that these things are emitting are. I mean we already know how harmful 5G is. Imagine when we have all of these constantly emitting and communicating with each other. It’s horrible.


It’s very harmful as well as these blue LED lights at the frequency they are at, they are extremely harmful to the eyes and in addition, I’ve noticed that they don’t even have the fuses on top of them. So, you can’t look up at these lights. They are designed to make humans look down.  So, by default, they’re designed to really hurt your eyes and then I’ll show you another slide on how they can be used directly as weapons.

So, when I came to Montana, in August 2020, a little over two years ago, I noticed that, outside of maybe Boise, Montana and a couple of the towns, there were none of these streetlights.  There were beautiful dark nights. And then I was here in April, in this town called Pablo, driving through the highway and just see how many lights there are. It’s a population of just a thousand people. And you have hundreds and hundreds of these lights from the highway. And so the question to be asked is, earlier there were no lights and then in the name of global warming and climate change and energy conservation now you are at 300 lights. So, just think about that.


Yes, it’s much like how 400 private jets arrive to a climate change conference to talk about CO2 emissions, Aman, that’s the hypocrisy is just astounding. But they don’t care anymore. They don’t care about how they appear. They’re just brazen about it. It’s in your face.  I keep interjecting because this subject is something I’m so passionate about. People don’t understand when I’ve said the words “digital prison,” I think it’s very hard for people to actually imagine how that will be achieved. This presentation is key to that understanding. So, I’ll ask to everyone watching to please share it with everyone and get them aware of this information.  Keep taking us through the weaponization of these lights.


So, I started, you know this picture on the right side, I got from somebody in Canada on Facebook and I haven’t seen these in anywhere in Montana yet, these multi-colored lights…

…and I started to dig deeper and I noticed that there is something called a “Puke Ray”. It’s an LED incapacitator where think of it as an LED gun which is able to emit different frequencies of light at very high rate of change so when you do this at a very high frequency with different lighting and if there is a human being that’s in the vicinity and is looking at these lights or near these lights, you can get inter-cranial damage. You can hurt your spine. You can get sick.  I bet that it can even kill you. So, these can be used as weapons. And a lot of these LED Smart lights, they already have, if you see white squares at the intersections for instance, white patches, those are radar. And the LED lights combined with radar, and with a Smart system on a chip inside, they are able to identify human beings with guns up to a few hundred meters away. And so, these lights can be turned on as weapons against people who might be carrying guns for instance. So, one needs to kind of start asking these questions and talking to each other within communities as well as to the people who you think represent you as to what is going on and why these lights are being put up and call them out on it.


What other reason would you be installing lights that have the capacity to kill on impact? I mean there is no other reason other than…


It’s for safety and security.


Ah, yes. Of course. My goodness.


That’s how it’s going to be sold, or its going to be sold as climate change and global warming and energy conservation. So, I’ll go on from here, but these can be used as weapons and I suspect there is much more to it than what I am presenting here and I’m doing my research and I will really come back and talk about what more I find out.


Yes, please.


My research is not complete.  So, I have spoken so far about what facial recognition is, the camera eye infrastructure, the Smart lights infrastructure and you can see already a link between all those topics.  And now I’m going to introduce the digital identity and the Central Banking Digital Currency system, or the digital currency linked to your digital identity and then you’ll start seeing how everything connects. So, the World Economic Forum, I read a paper maybe two years ago, it said it’s a new chapter in the social contract.  But I said this is a social contract that nobody has signed up for, right?




So, it is being planted upon the world. And so, in that paper I saw this diagram and you’ll have this digital identity in the center, every entity, every device, every person, everything, every tree.  Everything will have a digital identity and that digital identity is going to be used to unlock your access to financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, government programs, social platforms, logging into the internet, travel and mobility, just everything you do in your life, you’ll need your digital identity to unlock it.

So, by default a digital identity implies that you are always in a digital prison. And you need permission to get out of that prison. By default, you are always a prisoner. That is how you have to kind of understand how this digital identity is going to be used.  And this is a 2018 WEF paper that was published. And so, for your digital identity you need identity integrity. Like, for instance, there is a concept called “Know Your Customer,” that banks are using. It is basically taking steps towards digital identity. And how is that digital identity going to be authenticated? Through your face to unlock access and your face and your digital identity will be linked to a new type of currency which is the Central Banking Digital Currency, and it will have a combination of water and carbon scoring for you and carbon credits. It will have social scoring and your medical status based on vaccines and jabs and other medical things that they want you to have. So, essentially, just think of it as if you don’t comply, because these are all compliance-based things inside the currency. If you don’t comply, your currency becomes lower and lower. If your currency becomes lower, your digital ID cannot unlock access to life.


And I want to say here, just this week, and I’ve been speaking about this quite a few times already this week, the Indonesian Health Minister said he was calling on the G20 to adopt vaccine passports in line with the WHO Standards (World Health Organization) now in preparation for the next pandemic. The WHO Immunization Agenda 2030 plans to introduce 500 new vaccines by 2030. People think I’m crazy when I say that. It’s in their own documents. Immunization Agenda 2030. It’s there. Now, they’re saying, the Indonesian Health Minister is saying let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by the WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly then you can move around. Australia’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan talks about citizens regularly submitting to DNA collection of samples and things to prevent further pandemics. This vaccination status is key and your submission to regular medical procedures is key to your digital identity to function. You won’t be able to have it unless you get continuous vaccines and I keep going back to my first interview with Karen Kingston, it’s the most bombshell interview and I’m going to link it into the description below because in that interview she proves from the patents every single vaccine approved by the World Health Organization is a lifelong subscription. They will never stop this.


Yes, that’s right, so one of the things to understand is that if you don’t sign onto a digital ID, and if there is a critical mass of people I think who will walk into it unknowingly, through deception or through, you know, so called force, just like they had people taking the vaccines to travel freely, but if there is a critical mass that doesn’t sign up for the digital ID, then this agenda gets weakened substantially.




So, one needs to therefore understand in conclusion, is that the digital ID is really your ticket to being in the digital prison permanently.


Forever. This is exactly why we are doing what we’re doing right now, Aman.  When I tell people about this stuff on this street, regular people, strangers, they say, I don’t want to be part of that. And so, the only way to do it is to understand the agenda so that you can resist it and we will talk, you and I, we will talk about how to do that later and how to be free from this system but we’re going to have that discussion.  But first we have to hit people with this is actually what it looks like if we don’t say no.


That’s right. So how are they going to implement it in practicality on your computer, for instance, right? There is a new, relatively new concept in cybersecurity protocols, called Zero Trust. So, by default, since you have a digital identity and you’re in a prison, you are by default a criminal. So, we don’t trust you.  Every time you need to get access to something, which you think is legitimate, even to buy food, by default we don’t trust you so you have to prove you are you and you have all the compliance metrics to your CBDC to be able to be able to access whatever you need to access.  So, in the old days like when you log into your computer or your cell phone, you put in a password and then after that you pretty much have access to all your applications on your computer, so that’s called implicit allow. There’s one gateway you enter in and your implicitly allowed to do whatever you can.

The Zero Trust protocol is a default deny. So, we are going from an implicit allow to default deny worlds. And at the heart of this is your digital ID. So think of it as default deny and you have to, for everything that you are doing in your life, all the time, every step you’re taking, whether its to open your car, start your engine, put in gasoline, login to your computer, log into an application, call your friend, by default the world has been locked up and you are in this inverted prison. While you may not see locks outside you, but the locks are all there and you have to keep unlocking your life.

So, here is an example. When you go shopping, how is Zero Trust going to be used? Here is a lady, she wants to go buy some beef but let’s say her carbon footprint or beef footprint for the month has been exceeded. That door won’t open. Right? If she wants to buy, say, apple juice but she’s had too much sugar because they are tracking everything, that door won’t open. Right? 

And at the heart of this is your digital ID and the whole concept of digitalization, which is a relatively new term also coming from the World Economic Forum, it means conditional access.  So, to access anything in life, there are conditions. This is all linked to your digital ID. It’s all about being a prisoner all the time.  And there will be a face recognition camera at the top of each of the doors looking at you and figuring out who you are and what your digital ID represents.


And of course, people that think they’ll just be shopping from home, you’re phone will be doing the exact same thing that the doors of the bridges will be doing.


Exactly. Exactly. Right? So, there are a bunch of companies that have started, it called IDAS, Identity As A Service, there are face recognition as a service. There’s lots and lots of companies are building businesses around this and every time anyone’s face is in front of a camera, there’s a chain of corporations making money from camera companies to IDAS companies to networking companies, cybersecurity companies, the whole shebang.  And since human beings are everywhere, this is one of the ways that they have come up with very creatively that anytime there is a face in front of a camera, which is most of the time since people are always on their devices, there is a continuous chain of data and therefore money being made. Right?

And there’s another concept called “geofencing,” and people are not familiar with it, but it means, just think of it as an invisible fence around you or somebody at a certain distance beyond which you cannot go. Right? And so, your face and digital ID is going to be used for controlling your access by implementing a geofence, depending again on your currency, your digital currency.

Right, so. Where you can fly in the world, that can be limited. How far you can drive? That can be limited. How far you can walk, and this is related to your 15 minutes cities or 20-minute neighborhoods, they can implement this. And they don’t need guards, they don’t need prison guards at the outskirts to stop you, they have the LED lights and the LED weapons, they have the microwave weapons as well as they have the digital currency can be shut off, right? So, you move 15 minutes out, your currency won’t work.  You can’t buy anything so you won’t be motivated to leave.


And they call them districts, Aman, in Sydney, here, where they’re testing it. They are actually calling them districts.


Yeah, I read about that not too long ago. In San Francisco, they’ve had districts for a very, very long time. But I don’t know at what point they are going to start implementing it over in California. But they will. I think the agenda is going full speed ahead in Australia more than any other country.


You’re not wrong. You’re not wrong.


Yeah. And you can also be geofenced in the metaverse, so to speak, right? So, who you can communicate with, who you can text, who can email, what you can read, what music you can listen to, when you can listen. So, they can control everything through this digital ID and your face in front of a camera.


Well, a recent example of that is that in China where they are facing the most draconian, most brutal treatment by their government at the moment with this crazy Zero COVID farce that’s being used against the people, one particular user was talking about the fact that they were disagreeing with the government and they banned her “We Chat” which is a function that’s used for many different things, an app that’s used for many functions in society and China. And the next thing was posting on the We Chat platform, “Please forgive me. I’ll never do anything bad against the government again.” You know this pathetic, “please let me back into society.” This is what you’re talking about.


Yeah. And it’s not even the government, right? It’s the private corporations that have these fake governments in place in all the countries.


Yep. Definitely. I want to ask you something. You mentioned forcing people into the metaverse. I’ve spoken about this quite a bit and people think, no, no, they won’t succeed with that.  Hang on a second. We’re talking about people that are so miserable they can’t even eat what they want, they can’t go past their district, they can’t do anything essentially. They’re going to spend their time in this virtual reality, and they’ve been conditioned to do that through the lockdowns. How many people don’t even want to go back to work in the office? They’ve rather work from home. Its human behavior has been changed in this time. So, people will go to the metaverse.


They will and some will go voluntarily and then what they’re going to do is, like let’s say you wanted to buy like today there are apps where you can buy groceries on your app, InstaCart, for instance, is very popular in America and American cities. So today on your phone you can’t go to a website and order on Instacart, you have to use an app on your iPad or on your phone. Tomorrow they will move into what your reality headset and then they’ll phase up the app from your phone. Now you can only order food through your VR headset. And that is how people are going to be sucked in, right?  A lot of the entertainment will be moved out of web pages and will be moved on to a VR headsets and they’re going to subsidize ER and VR headsets or Extended Reality XR, your MR Mixed Reality, pick your favorite letter in front of the R. But this is how they are going to do it; either through by deleting apps and convenience will be shifted to all these headsets and people are going to keep getting sucked in and it will happen every year or two more and more.


The problem is…no, I’m sorry, go on.


Like for instance, when ordering a cab now in San Francisco, if you go, its very hard to just hail down a cab. It’s either Uber of Lift or even the Yellow Taxis now are on an app.  So, you can’t physically, that’s what that means, you always have to have an app on your phone to hail a cab. And then tomorrow, they won’t take your credit card with U.S. dollar or Australian dollar. It will be a digital currency, so they just keep, very cunningly keep moving people into this new system.


I watched a video recently on YouTube and it was a gentleman talking about how great VR is and how we are all going to be going into the metaverse. And so many people are of the opinion of, no, they won’t succeed with this. Meta stocks are down, so on and so forth.  This video had one million views. Aman, one million views on one video talking about how great VR headsets and the metaverse is and there will be so many others. What I’m trying to say is that that is one million people that spent their time and not all of them were like me watching it to scrutinize, I can guarantee you. They spent their time watching this rather than informing themselves about what is really going on in the world and that’s the biggest problem that we have. It’s the masses not realizing where we are heading.


That’s right. But one can only realize it when you take the time to unlearn what’s been dumped into your head through mainstream media. If you cannot make that jump, you aren’t going to understand what’s going on.


I agree. And it’s scary for some. I understand it’s scary to unplug from the Matrix but, we have to keep educating people because its not only their future, but our future depends on them waking up. Please do go on.


And ignoring reality is not a good strategy for survival. I mean that’s really my take.




No matter how scary the reality is, like you’ve got to face it. Otherwise, the consequences of ignoring reality, you can’t ignore the consequences. You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of that reality when it strikes.




Let’s talk about Smart City reality. So Smart Cities are also been sold to us on the larger agenda of the 17 Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations, right? And it’s really about Zero Carbon and this is how they are selling it to us. Right?  Air quality, smart lighting, water management, noise pollution, traffic monitoring, etc. And it’s really about limited mobility and no car ownership. Right?

Smart lights will be used as weapons and surveillance and control of people. Water rationing, right? Street surveillance. The microphones are not for testing noise pollution. Traffic monitoring is really about tracking mobility. Electricity, gas and heat will be rationed also, and they are coming for controlling all the energy in the world and rationing it, so the quality of life is going to reduce even though all the SDG 17 goals have very cute phrases they use to improve life.


Cute. That’s what they do because they these people understand the power of words and phrasing and so they use these…


Yeah, no poverty, no poverty. We will just make everyone poor. Right? No hunger, we’ll just give everyone fake food and stop all the food production in the world. So, its just amazing and I know a lot of people who are in my family and extended family and nieces and nephews, they are all working on some projects on sustainable development goals all around the world and they think they are doing great for the world. And its just amazing. And at the heart of this is your digital ID because digital ID with cameras, Smart City infrastructure, the LED lighting and 5G networks are all integrated in order to track all the activity of everything in and around Smart cities. So just remember, your face and digital IDs are at the heart of this and is required to make this successful.


So, what happens if someone says no, I’m not going ahead of the digital ID, Aman?


Then you don’t get into the new matrix and you have to find a way to survive outside that new matrix.


I’d like that option please.


Right. And so, if you can find enough, I’m not saying its an optimal solution because of the way they are trying to control energy sources, petroleum, gasoline, natural gas, propane, etc. If they can hold all that, we have to find a way to have energy sources outside of what they manage to hold. But we can, we’ll have that discussion. I want to finish; I think I have maybe 5 or 7 more slides and I’ll finish this off.  But what I want to say is that the Trojan Horse is security and privacy. Right? And inside the Trojan Horse is your digital ID which means total control and compliance. But it’s being sold to us as security and privacy.

In schools, what’s happening in schools and for children. They have a concept for many years called social and emotional learning. And at least in America that’s what it’s called. I don’t know what they are using it in countries like Australia. But, what they want to do is from cradle to career they want to have complete control of children, right? And so, they are using cameras on tablets, on phones, inside homes, everything. Algorithms are screening for child abuse for instance. And AI decides if you have good parents are bad parents and if AI says, hey I’m looking at this child’s face, and the child is looking unhappy and unhappy for N number of days, 80% of the times, AI can send child protective custody people to your house and take away the kids. Right? They have this talk pedometer where when a parent is talking to a child, this is a product already in the market being sold on the web, when the parent is talking to the child, its recording what the parent is saying and then is scoring the parent. So, if the parent is teaching the children that climate change and global warming is all one big hoax, their social score goes down. And then the score goes down in respect to how they are parenting their kids. There is a little LED screen at school. We Play Smart is the company. They have this board game and there are fish-eye cameras looking all around at the kids and they can change what is happening on the board and the game based on facial expression.

So, you can manipulate kids behaviors in real time. At the heart of all this is the digital ID which is being identified through the cameras inside these devices.

So, child beta is big business and you must have read the papers of the World Economic Forum where they talk about, you know, human beings are extremely valuable and we need to find clever ways to extract maximum value from them. And so there is a concept called Human Capital Index that was created by some people who publish these papers in the World Economic Forums so they are using SCL and Securitized markets just like the securitize home loans and all that stuff, derivatives of things. So, all this SCL and data harvesting from children is really there to manipulate kids minds and here is an example of where they can take, say top performers from a particular region and say, Sydney, Australia, and what they do is they can bet on their predictive performance or what they call “part ways,” which direction will this kid go? And they can make bundles of things called prodigy asset groups and they can bet on it and depending on the results they will make money. So, they are going to use kids and their predictive success or lack of success to make money they can short it, or they can make calls. They can make even more money from the broken kids because there will be intervention and they will have mental health issues with kids, and they will make even more money. And so, there are more part ways and more predictive analytics and stuff.


And this is exactly that statement that said that Data is the new currency. This is what this new Human Capital Index is. Data is the new currency.


That’s right. Or Data as the new oil. There is many different phrases being thrown around the world. But really all this is using cameras and observation from the cameras that capture the faces of these kids and their eye tracking movements and their facial expressions, etc. Then they manipulate what is on their screens and so this is a management and control system. Its not about knowledge. So, if people are sending their kids to schools, know what you are sending them for, cause its not a good idea.

And then in April, for instance, there was an announcement where the multi stakeholder internet governance, so it became a global internet and the World Economic Forum and the United Nations and the International Bankers they took over the internet so at some point when the digital IDs fully unrolled, if you don’t sign up you won’t be able to communicate. And this is all related to the Zero Trust world.


You all know that Noah Harari said that you will find it impossible to interact in our world, he says in our world, without.


Everything he says is true. But people need to understand not just what he is saying but why is he saying it? and what are the darker shenanigans behind all that.

So, again, as I said, without a digital ID, at some point in the next few quarters, a few years, we may not be able to communicate with each other through the traditional means of the internet.

So, when I came to Montana, I’ve been trying to raise awareness by talking to a lot of people. And I also tried to kind of try to talk to the Montana state legislatures that facial recognition is going to be directly related to loss of freedom because I started seeing cameras at intersections coming up in all the major towns, smaller towns there aren’t yet, but they will come. Every retail store, hospitals, facial recognition cameras there, smart city lights are on all the highways, parking lots. It’s really horrible. There’s a study on facial recognition technology happening in our state legislature, and I have spoken there and communicated to them that it’s one big red herring, because banning facial recognition through government is not going to stop facial recognition because it’s already happening in private corporations. It’s happening in the cloud outside of the state, on Google servers and Amazon servers and Facebook servers and beyond.

So, this is just to give the illusion to the people, because people who are blindly, you know, believe in government, that there are some free people in government that are going to save us from facial recognition and [INAUDIBLE], they keep going here and saying, “Please,” you know, “grant facial recognition in Montana.” They don’t understand that it’s nothing to do with banning it in Montana.

Right, and here are a few pictures I took locally here, you know. And the flatted valley is the area that I live in. They’re all over the place.

In retail, now they have cameras on every checkout counter in the major retail stores. They’re looking at all the products you’re buying. So, I know a lot of people are saying, “Use cash. Use cash.” You can use cash to some extent, but they are still tracking your face, and they’re looking at your product, so they already know what you’re buying, even though you may not use a credit card.

Here’s facial recognition cameras. I went to checkout a Wal-Mart store, which is one of the major retailers here. At every entrance, every parking lot, a LED lights, small cameras, side entrances. And there are like, literally, cameras on the ceiling every few feet. There’s a company called Clear View AI. I believe it’s in the U.S., which is collecting, you know, tens of billions of images of faces around the world, and they are building, they’re basically building a software for predictive policing and pre-crime using their images.


Pre-crime! Pre-crime!


Yes, it’s pre-crime alright.


And this……pre-crime is part of that human conditioning where they now say something that’s completely normal, for example, eating too much meat is now a crime, and you’ve displayed a behavior that could potentially suggest that you were about to commit a pre-crime. This is how far this goes. And so…


Actually, it goes further. It goes further. So, it goes further because this is based on predictive analytics, right? They’re already starting prescriptive analytics. So, they can predict what they want, somebody’s going to do, but they can also prescribe behavior, through control of what’s on your screen and other things and what’s being shown on your screen, your Instagram feed, or whatever. So, it goes on and on and on.

So, who are these agencies? Basically, the stakeholders, right? And there’s another company called ID.me that is doing public…It’s like a private partnership, what they call “peatrees,” and it’s partnering with all the state governments to authenticate and prove that you are you before you get your, you know, social security check or your health coverage, etc. And their tagging line is “No identity left behind.” So, it’s for equity and inclusivity, your digital identity.


The same thing that the World Health Organization Immunization Agenda 2030 says, “No human left behind,” vaccine equity, vaccine equality. The same language.


Yeah, the same language and it’s so easy to…It’s so puke-worthy, as I say……that language. It’s so puke-worthy, and it’s so repetitive. It’s really amazing.


I don’t disagree with you, Aman. I don’t. It’s unbelievable.


So, this is what they’re doing now. But if you want to get these services through state governments, not reading your password. They ask you to upload your passport or your driver’s license, and then they make you take a video selfie and attach it before they authenticate who you are. That’s the kind of stuff they’re doing now.


Yes. And just for everyone thinking, you know, with every little step, with ever little increment that has happened, Aman…People think, “Oh, well it’s just technological advances.” They say, “I don’t want to do this, but,” you know, “for the sake of just getting it over and done with.” And meanwhile, they’re collecting a database on your behavior that’s going into the most advanced AI systems that you could even…You can’t even fathom, to engineer and change your behavior. And for the people watching this broadcast, there are definitely people that don’t want to get controlled. So, I know that they’re beginning to remove themselves from these systems A.S.A.P.

But the problem that we face, Aman, is that we need broadcasts like this to understand the level of the agenda. So, how do we get around this?


So, we’re coming there. So, I think once we accept a digital identity, it’s game over for humanity, because what we are doing is we are going to go from…So, currently we are also in a slavery system. Many people don’t understand that. But since they’ve given us the illusion that we are free in some western countries and maybe some other countries, we generally believe we are free, even though we are not. But we are currently in a debt slavery system. And what is being introduced is an identity slavery system. So, there’s a transition happening from debts slavery system to identity slavery system. And a lot of the truth movement is trying to fight to stay in the debt slavery system. And that’s not the right answer, because this system needs to crash. The level of corruption and deceit has reached levels unknown to modern humanity. And this system needs to implode if we want to start out right.

That doesn’t mean we go into a worse system, which is the identity slavery, or the new agenda 2030 system. So, that’s something everyone needs to process and figure out how to think through that. And since you brought up Noah Harari, I think a couple of years ago in one of his talks, he was making a presentation at one of the Davos conferences, and he presented a danger formula, where

B  x  C  x  D = AHH.

So, what is b is the biological knowledge, which is being gathered through, you know, either in your jabs or through your DNA swabs, etc. or your PCR tests, sees the [INAUDIBLE] you do all the computations. So, we have no control over the c. That’s already…That’s kind of infinity.

And then is the other data being collected, through our faces, through our behavior, and through various other things. And if there’s enough B  x  C  x  D , then your Ability to Hack Humans has increased. Right? So, in order to collect data, they are putting sensors everywhere. That is why they are saying sensorize everything. That’s why there are cameras everywhere, microphones everywhere, radars, lidars. They need as much data as possible, right? So, the beast, like if you’re…I’m not a Christian, but I have a lot of Christian friends, and they believe in the whole, you know, the beast system.

Which, really, it is a beast system, whether you take it religiously, or you know, practically. It’s a beast system that is being unrolled. So, AI is the beast. The beast needs food. And the food is data that comes through all these data conduits or sensors, through the, you know, through the smart cities, through cameras, through the 5G networks, autonomous driving vehicles.

So, the only way to stop the beast is to remove the data conduits. You cannot stop the data because human beings are going to continue doing what they’re doing. But what we can do is get rid of the sensors. And if we can achieve that, we make a serious dent into this beast system, because that’s where the beast is getting the food. It’s very important to understand that. No amount of laws, legislation, is going to stop this. It has to be done by the people.


I agree. The answer has always been the people.


Yeah. So, just to summarize, you know, cameras are used to take pictures of your face, videos of your face and identify you through facial recognition, which is sold to us as security and privacy. Your facial recognition data key links you to a digital ID, which is linked to a central banking digital currency, which, your currencies, actually, people have heard the term blockchain. All the data about you is sitting on blockchains in the back, and it’s linked to your digital ID.

So, literally, the blockchain linked to your digital ID is your digital leash. This is your digital prison. And this will result in the final lockdown of the human race if we allow this to happen.


A final lockdown. We may just call this interview the final lockdown, Aman…


There you go.


…because you’re absolutely right. This is the nail in the coffin for humanity. It really is. You know, have we got more slides to go through, or…


I think it’s the last one or two. So, this is what I present here, a call to action. I try and talk locally to groups here, different groups in Montana. I spend more time meeting people and getting groups together and talking to them in person than I do online. Because I believe that your local groups and communities is where you can make a difference, much more than you can…

Online is good for getting the information across, and there’ll be more people that will learn, but the action has to be local.

Alright, so, this is what I basically present is, at the very least, look up and observe. They’re putting all this infrastructure in place, and they do it incrementally, and they do it overnight. But everyone needs to understand what’s being put up, the rate at which it’s being put up, and why it’s being put up, and what would be the consequences if we don’t find a way to undo all of this. Right?

Parents need to understand what’s happening to their kids through this information I presented and dig even deeper. But cameras are coming up everywhere in schools, colleges, parking lots, always, they are being monitored inside the classroom, outside the classroom. And the question to ask is, who installed, authorized and funded this surveillance infrastructure? I know, but I think that question needs to be asked, and people need to, you know, figure out the answer for themselves, because once you get onto that path to finding these answers, you learn a lot and understand how this agenda is being unrolled.


And I truly believe that the more knowledge that you have about this…This is what I always say to people. I know that the information can be overwhelming, but, you said it at the beginning, Aman. If we don’t face reality, we can’t do anything about it. And we have to come to terms with what’s happening so that we can empower ourselves and take the necessary action to be independent of this system.

Now, we’re going to talk about a couple of those solutions as soon as you’re done with your slideshow. I want to also show an article from Forbes to the audience, and I want to get your take on this, Aman. But please, finish your presentation first, and then we’ll get into that.


Yeah. So, essentially, you know, I basically tell people, we the people haven’t asked for these monstrosities, and we don’t it. So, why are they being put up?

Right? So, in conclusion, there are silent weapons that are pointing at the human race all around the world, and there’s an infrastructure being put into place where we will be in invisible chains permanently. And we need a critical mass around the world to recognize this and do something about it.

And that concludes my presentation.


I agree with you a hundred percent, and we thank you for sharing that with us. Okay, so, I want to take people through this article from Forbes. You can’t see it on your screen at the moment, Aman, but I’ll read it out. It’s an article from 2016, World Economic Forum, “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Ida Auken.

And she goes on to say,

“Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city, or should I say, our city. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes. It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. Everything you considered a product has now become a service. We have access to transport, accommodation, food, all the things we need in our daily lives,”

So on and so forth.

“First, communication became digitized and free to everyone. Then, when clean energy became free, things started to move quickly…”

They talk about all this great stuff. “Sometimes I use my bike when I go out to see my friends. In our city, we don’t pay rent because someone else is using our free space.”

But it’s very interesting because…Also, she says,

“Once in a while, I choose to cook for myself. Shopping, I don’t really remember what that is. For most of us, it’s being turned into choosing things to use. AI and robots took over so much of our work…”

So on and so forth.

But here’s the thing. My biggest concern. This is what I wanted to highlight. My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city, “those were lost along the way.”


The way. Yeah. I read this a long time ago, yeah.


“Those who decided that it all became too much, all this technology, those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over, those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They’re living different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty abandoned houses in small nineteenth-century villages.”

Now, I want to get your take on this, Aman, because I don’t know. People have been talking about breakaway societies. You know, exactly what you’re talking about, you know, forming those connections within the communities, trying to wake people up. But do we also need to be focusing our attention on building these breakaway societies, just like this, you know, article says the people that were lost along the way, living in their little communities. What do we make of this?


That’s a more complicated kind of discussion. I mean, you can. The point is that…Let’s say you form a community of say 30 people or 50 people, alright? We’re going back to the stone ages to some extent. Like, let’s say you build a commune, and you’re able to grow your food, and you’re able to sustain yourself through firewood and heating depending on where you are, and you have a well. You still have access to water when they’re trying to take that away…

It doesn’t solve the problem, you see? What you’re doing is, you’ve partly helped them achieve their agenda for yourself because, without an automobile, without gasoline, you’re not traveling way too much either.

Right? And you’re not going to have access to their electrical power points, getting electricity in your home, right?

So, if you don’t enter the matrix, and while you don’t have additional ID and don’t enter the matrix, you are helping their SDG17 goals to some extent, because we are all going to be poor in that new system. We are all going to be relatively more hungry in that new system, etc., etc.

So, I don’t believe that that is the true answer. It may be a temporary answer. I think what I’m thinking is, there’s a lot of things to connect. But I think it’s really important for the people who are on the journey to learning the truth to understand how we came to where we are today. That’s really important. Because if we don’t understand that, then after all the turmoil that’s going to happen in the coming years, and say for the people who come through alive, can we build a better world? But we can only build a better world if we understand how we came into this horrible place in the first place. And this has been a multi-generational, you know, multiple hundred years of treachery and deceit and trickery that has allowed us to arrive where we have as a human race and as a civilization.


I think you’re absolutely right, and I’ve often said, if we’re successful, we need a complete restoration of the way that our societies operate. We need new education systems. We need new financial systems, you know, whatever. The entirety of society has to be rebuilt without the influence of big Pharma, without the influence of Big Tech. And perhaps for some time, returning to the stone ages. So be it. We’re adaptable human beings. We can make it happen.

But Aman, your solution, at a local level, is one that I really respect and appreciate. So, just talk to people a little bit more about what you’re doing at a local level and how they can actually start doing this in their own areas. Why is this the most powerful way?


It’s…Okay. It’s not necessarily the most powerful way in every place in the world. But it’s powerful enough to some extent in where I am. I live in a northwest part of Montana. Population is relatively low. I’m in the flatted valley. I think my county’s probably a few thousand people. Not even ten thousand. Maybe it’s ten thousand, fifteen thousand. [INAUDIBLE] flatted valley of, you know, a few hundred square miles is only 100,000, 120,000 people. I have had direct access to my county commissioners and my sheriffs as well as Montana state legislatures, so, you know, I’ve been able to communicate with many of the right people.

In the process of communicating with them, I have discovered that none of them have the power to do anything. I have also come to the conclusion that they don’t represent the people. So, I think I said in a previous interview with Kate Mason also to Australia that I don’t believe that any of the western countries or any of the countries in the world, is there any corner where there is representative, legitimate representative government of the people.

They’re all corporations. Everything has become a corporation, and it’s been done through treachery and deceit and through the deceitful words used in commercial law over the several decades.

So, all our so-called governors and senators and congress people, they all work for private corporations. So, when we go to elections and vote, you’re not really voting for your representatives. You’re just voting for…within the corporation. So, it’s all hogwash. So, they give you the illusion that you live in a free country and that you should vote.

But voting, also, is implied consent, so, think about that.


So, the solution, then, is massive education at a community level with people?


Massive understanding of how this was done to us, and then take back the power as the people. And it starts at a local level. It starts at a local level.

So, imagine, if you are living in a place, you know, five hundred people, small village somewhere in the middle of eastern Montana where the population is even lower. Demonstrate that you can build a legitimate form of…I don’t even like to use government, right? But a legitimate structure of how to live well, and then people will duplicate that, and then there’ll be links between these groups, and within those links, then trading can start…And with the amount of knowledge that we have already accumulated through history, we will develop into a more advanced society at a rate unprecedented to human civilization in the past.


Absolutely. And we’ve done far more research as well, especially in the past two years, and become familiar with all the areas of corruption, become familiar with how incompetent and sinister the pharmaceutical companies are, with how much government just does not function at all as it should. I mean, this is achievable. What you’re talking about is achievable, but it requires that mass awakening, and this is what the truth movement is continuously calling for. Mass awakening. Keep going. Keep educating people. Our lives and theirs depend on it.


That’s right. Your freedom depends on mine, and mine depends on yours.




So, we know who “they” is. They are the ones who want to put you in chains and to use you. It is not from God. That is Our Lady’s words.

So they don’t hide it. They don’t fear you because they’ve got all the tools from [INAUDIBLE] to cripple you, stop you, block you, keep you in certain regions, total control.

Before all this, the Bible is impossible…how can the antichrist do this?

It’s amazing that we have so many bishops indoctrinated with education, and you don’t hear a peep about these certain things.

I’ve been ramping up to this for a long, long time, and I saw this in the messages.

So, study October 25, 2021.

And now, we’re moving into 2023.

What awaits us?

A bad future?

Our Lady just told us,

“…mankind has decided to die…”

They are pushing their plan, and the others, us, spend the next months, do everything you can to spread this.

We hope you have a peaceful Christmas. It may not be happy when you hear these things, but Our Lady wants to give us peace. There’s a different thing from being happy to having joy.

Remember the angels said to the shepherds:

“Peace to men of good will.”

They do not have good will.

Through Our Lady’s messages, we do.

We wish you a very, very happy Christmas, and the best wish we give to you, we wish you Our Lady, holding the Baby Jesus, the real Baby, on the earth, this Christmas, His presence.

We love you. Good night.



This ends the Mejanomics broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs, which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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