The latest narrative being perpetuated by many in the establishment media is that it is somehow “racist” to refer to the new coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan flu” or other similar terms that accurately reflect the original epicenter — Wuhan, China — of the deadly global pandemic.

This media-pushed narrative involves chastising President Donald Trump, administration officials, Republican lawmakers and even average Americans who use such descriptive terms as not only being racist but also of placing Asian-Americans in danger of being victimized in hate crimes.

Of course, the narrative is simply absurd on its face and is nothing more than a parroting of propaganda from a communist Chinese regime that is desperately seeking to dodge its responsibility for, at the very least, not being forthright in warning the rest of the world about the outbreak of the new coronavirus until long after it had escaped China’s borders to spread around the world.

Trump has routinely knocked down the ludicrous assertion from liberal journalists that using terms like “Chinese virus” is racist and has continued to use them explicitly

And he’s just received a helping hand from a conservative journalist in displaying just how absurd the communist-promoted talking point truly is.

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