PANIC in DC series - a FULL look at the Seth Rich Murder

First video published 17 October 2020.

This video series have been gathered together from multiple sources. Over many months I discovered the information from various different sources, then put it all together here in one place. And then someone based on a eyewitness released exactly who killed him and other information.

As Q said, these people are sick....

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Videos 1 - 3

Part One of who killed Seth Rich series and much much more...

Part Two of who killed Seth Rich and much much more...

Part Three ties it all together as the true killers of Seth Rich are finally revealed thanks to Lin Wood. Update 6 August 2022 - McCreevey charged. We will have to wait and see if his allegations in here are true.  See screenshot.

Additional deep dives

Episode 2355b (go to 20:50min mark)

Video added 20 December 2020 re Julian Assange. Watch entire video for The Swamp update.

Video added 4th May 2021

Same old same old. They are trying to cover up everything, and now Rudy Guiliani is the new General Flynn - find a crime or make one up to silence him. Download the interesting article about the US Ambassador.

Episode 2468b - (go to 16min mark) update on Julian Assange

Watch the entire video for The Swamp update

Video added 4 May 2021

The troubling connections and what they're hiding. The latest decision re communist Fakebook and the Biden gaffe machine.

Glenn Beck 3 Video Series

Ukraine - The Democrats Russia. Thanks to Q we learn about how every corrupt politician is rewarded for screwing over their Country. Must watch videos. 

How to control people in high positions?

Blackmail is common. In fact you usually cannot get to the top of your public field if they cannot control you. John Roberts is proof of that in this story. pdf download.

The Latest Updates

Use RICO to get to the bottom of Seth Rich’s Murder

This updated story appeared July 12, 2022 so some are still trying to discover what happened 


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David Ashton

Welcome and enjoy. At the moment some fairly nefarious people don't want you to see this information, they have Trillions of dollars at stake and everyone knowing the truth will, dare I say bankrupt them. 

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