As a Q follower and Trump supporter, I like all the Patriots was disappointed when POTUS DJT “lost” the 2020 election update: see 2000 mules. We all thought something would happen by 20 Jan 2021. The Military surely wouldn’t let this happen to their Country.

Since then chaos has been rife throughout the world, but a ray of hope has been shone again.

Yes we discovered that unless the majority of the USA was woken up in this Great Awakening, then Civil War was the most likely outcome.

Those who weren’t Q and Trump followers wouldn’t have accepted what we all thought would happen.

The long term plan is unfolding before our eyes, if it isn’t we are all stuffed – the whole world I mean. To bring down a 200 – 300 year plan wasn’t going to happen overnight.

Now I can see this plan is masterfully well thought out.

I’ve read books and listened to podcasts about this latest reveal, the dastardly things that Obummer put in place for his minions to rule and destroy the USA. I doubt anyone else is connecting the dots right now. Someone I am following who calls himself Friend Of Medjugorje spotted what was really going on. He also has the ideal plan for the future.

I’ve seen videos where a Patriot was cut off at the knees, thrown in prison just for telling the truth. And all these unconstitutional rules put in place by Obummer made it “legal” for her to be incarcerated like she was, no trial, treated like a terrorist.  And because this video gets banned faster than a speeding bullet, it is therefore truth beyond any shadow of a doubt. Whom am I talking about? Dr Judy Mikovits.

As Patel Patriot has stated, Trump and The Military have put in place Devolution, something that if correct is going to be one of the most masterful moves ever seen in modern times.

My concern is, I’ve listened to a few prophets who have stated there is a real threat to Trump from Assassination.

If this plan is correct and succeeds to totally derail The Great Reset, there are going to be some very pissed evil people who will want revenge no matter what the cost. These people are so twisted I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to take out Trump with a Nuke knowing that millions would die with him.

I am praying that this doesn’t happen to him of course (and the USA), and that this plan is successful otherwise my Country in Australia is also screwed. Right now we are in the middle of the New World Order takeover, and what is shocking is that most Aussies are blind to it. They are stupidly cowering to Tyrants, taking vaccines that is going to kill them and they are just happily accepting all the Tyrannical senseless control measures by our corrupt “leaders”.

I know our leaders are being blackmailed or have been promised big money for doing what they are told, which will all come out in the end.

Update added August 2nd, 2021

X22 interviewed Patel Patriot today. See video below.

Today’s Guest: Patel Patriot


Patel Patriot begins the conversation explaining what devolution is and why Trump and the military went in this direction. The elections were stolen and they military caught them all doing it. Once the truth comes out that the [DS] cheated in the election the government will become incapacitated and the military will step in. The military will most likely be deployed around the country to control the rioting. The military will take control until a decision is made of who the president really is by following the constitution.

All source links to the report can be found on the site. This link added 30 January 2022 – a Telegram Post from 1 January 2022 with some predictions.

Updated added 13 February 2022

Updated added 14 March 2022

Update added 5th March 2023 adding further validity to Devolution

Derek Johnson also knows: added 6 July 2023

Video from the above Telegram Post, asking why did DJT receive a Presidential Inauguration on 20 January 2021 with 4 cannons.

Video from the Telegram Post above “Cannons at Arlington National Cemetery”.

Video is directly below
Video is directly below
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