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A court order forced Pfizer to release 55,000 pages of documents about its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” and already the bombshells are dropping.

Naomi Wolf of spoke with Steve Bannon on his “War Room: Pandemic” program to reveal that members of the “posse,” meaning the worldwide movement of volunteers poring over the released documents, have learned that the Pfizer injection does not stay in the bicep muscle as claimed.

“Already what I saw that people have submitted looks like Pfizer knew that the injection material, which includes lipid nanoparticles, wouldn’t stay in the bicep,” Wolf explained.

“All these doctors said to me for month and months that it stays in the bicep. No, Pfizer knew, apparently, that it was going to the liver and to the ovaries.”

Another thing uncovered is the fact that children were used in clinical trials for the experimental drug, possibly in violation of the law.

“People found what appears to be three minors involved in these trials,” Wolf revealed. (Related: The FDA wanted to hide this damning Pfizer information from the public for 75 years.)

“I don’t know if that’s lawful; the lawyers are looking at it. But as a mom, this is really scary to see. These were truly experiments; they were kind of guessing, it looks like from the documents, what the right dosage was for minors.”

There were also 350-plus “medical errors” observed in conjunction with the shots, at least one of which resulted in an adverse event. This, Wolf says, is “very low-hanging proof” that Pfizer knew its mRNA (messenger RNA) injection is dangerous and lied about it.

You can watch a segment of Wolf’s interview with Bannon at Citizen Free Press (CFP).

You, too, can sign up with Wolf and Bannon’s “posse” to help review the Pfizer documents yourself

These videos are a must watch. The end is coming for these “vaccine” companies.

Dr. Naomi Wolf and her team have been digging through the Pfizer documents, and it looks like they were fully aware that the lipid nanoparticles in the injection didn’t stay in the bicep.

“Pfizer knew, apparently, that it was going to the liver and the ovaries.”

The citizen-led “army,” you might say, of people who are reviewing the 55,000 pages of released Pfizer documents includes professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

So many lawyers, in fact, have expressed interest in getting to the bottom of the situation that Wolf says she and her team have set up a special portal just for them to use.

“The interest from attorneys has been so intense that we have started a separate attorney channel so that they can deliver on the evidence that all of you citizens are turning up,” she explained.

The work has only just begun, by the way. If you or someone you know is interested in helping review the documents, you can sign up to do so at

Once on the site, click the “Campaigns” button at the top, and there you will find pinned information on the getter feed about the “Pfizer documents review campaign.”

Once you sign up there, you will receive an email instructing you as to which section of the document you are being assigned to read.

“There is a judgment day coming,” wrote someone at CFP. “But before then, I believe that ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) will wipe out a billion plus. God does have mercy. But the left? Not so much.”

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So with the truth coming out, what is habbening to their share price?

As a former share trading expert, the people in the know are taking their profits. And when I say former, I have lost none of my knowledge, I’m just not trading due to the imminent share crash (will probably be worse than 1929).

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